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Hard to find Rough Floorplans here?

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Hard to find Rough Floorplans here?

I love Wharram designs, esp. the top entries that force people outdoors so they cannot hide inside an entire cruise.
I am looking for an affordable Charter/Passenger ship for overnight cruising.  I would be happy with 4+ double cabins roughly, but I'd be happier with more.  I am also more familiar with monohulls and single masts, but I'm open to learning.
I have spent days now searching the website, google, and youtube for information on some of the designs here.
For example.  I see a picture of a head in the TIKI 30 photos, but is it equipped with a shower head like the TIKI 38?
I have looked at many pictures and info on the Pahti 63, but I cannot even tell you if it even has a head, or cabins, or galley (although I see propane tanks on deck).   I cannot find even a rough floorplan for it.
If I go to the Professional Build pages I see they have some rough floor plans, but only for a select few models.
Whether shopping for a RV, Condo, or ship one of the main things I have looked for at is a top view of its general layout and design.  I realize I can buy study plans for each and every model over 35', but am I missing something?  Are they here somewhere?
I imagine most here in the Forum are familiar with most designs and are owners, but I am still in the dreaming stage of my project and cannot find much information.
Pretend you have never seen a Pahti (or any Wharram) vessel, and try to see how a ship might operate with this website.   
Please tell me how to access rough overviews of these designs.  It is hard to find an interesting design if all you see are photos of the outside and perhaps the odd cabin shot.
p.s. I have imagined building a comfortable Charter Vessel for years.  I even imagined wells in the hull to put your feet when sitting (like in Tiki 21).  I imagined top entrances to force people to go outside from room to room even if it is raining because it's all good.  Now I found the Wharram Designs and they seem like every detail I thought of is incorporated.  Kudos... 

Joined: 04/18/2014 - 05:01

Here is another website with a layout of one of the Wharram vessels
The design layout on that page is the type of thing I'd like to see on other models here.  I have to find websites like that one to even know if study plan is worth it.
I can at least tell you now that [b]Eine Wharram 52 has a galley and 4 cabins.  I want rough layout like on that website if its here.  This is a nice website with forum.  I think i'm just navigating it wrong.  

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