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pahi 26 launch assembly time?

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pahi 26 launch assembly time?

I'm new to Wharram after several years admiring them on the Pacific coast of the US and Mexico,,, 

I am purchasing a trailered Pahi 26 this week and have searched for info on how long it takes (average) to assemble and rig from trailer to ramp. I have 4 capable folks to help but I'd like to get an understanding from those that have done just how long the process might be. This isn't for an afternoon sail - the boat would be going into the water for the summer in California USA.

Again, sailing isn't the issue as I have lots of multihull experience - it's just the assembly rampside that I'd like insight into...



Joined: 06/23/2018 - 08:11
Not sure how you get the

Not sure how you get the hulls apart on a trailer. I assembled mine by carrying the hulls down a beach to the water and doing it there. Either way, I think it'll take a few hours, rigging and all. Glenn Tieman

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