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Aluminium Mast Base

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Anonymous (not verified)
Aluminium Mast Base
I've decided on an aluminum mast for my Tiki-21. Any ideas or photos on how to construct a base for the foot of the mast? Thanks in advance, Bruce Tiki-21 #899 in progress. Coastal Louisiana, USA
Anonymous (not verified)
Re: Aluminium Mast Base
Bruce, Here is the base on the tiki 8m: [img]http://www.pca-seapeople.org.uk/PCAgallery/albums/PCAupload/Tiki8M/IMG_0... And, from an old post by Robert: Postby Robert » 08 Jun 2009 07:15 A 'T' section mast step which is longer than the mast diameter and has a bolt hole in the aft end. The the mast sits on the step by way of a slot in it. The slot in the mast is reinforced with 2 plates which extend far enough aft to marry up with the bolt hole in the step, put a bolt through and you have a secure pivot. A lot of small yachts have a similar arrangement. No photos to hand I am afraid, if I get one will post it. Robert
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