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ATL Composite panels instead of plywood

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Joined: 03/28/2017 - 13:39
ATL Composite panels instead of plywood


I've been contemplating buying the plans for a Tiki 38 and building one so I can head off over the horizon : )

I was part of a project where we used composite panels supplied by ATL in Queensland Australia and I was very impressed with them.

It got me thinking about making a Tiki 38 with this product instead of using plywood. They offer a cutting service for the panels using CNC so I could digitise the prints/drawings making the job of cutting out far more efficient and accurate.

I believe it would be much stronger, lighter and accurate build.

Same assembly process as with plywood but much lighter and based on the product tests, much stronger.

Only negative I can see is the cost, about 3 times the cost of BS1099 marine ply.


Anythoughts, opinions from fellow Wharram fans?



Joined: 08/30/2017 - 11:34
ATL Composite panels instead of plywood

I too would be interested in both getting CNC files for either a Tiki 30 or a 38 and investigating more modern materials than plywood. I'm interested in extended cruising (Med), reducing weight would allow more stores and equipment to be carried. Also the one part of building a boat that intimidates me is the accurate cutting of the panels. Having these accurately precut would be a huge bonus. All that would be necessary would be for you to identify a CNC company and JWD could send them the files on a temporary basis once they had received payment. I would see it as an option when purchasing the plans. Pay a little extra and save significantly effort and reduce risk.





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