Epoxy/ply maintenance

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Joined: 06/09/2016 - 18:09
Epoxy/ply maintenance

Hello all, 

I am new to the forum, to boating and to wharrams so please, please dont take offence at my questions....please.

I, one day, will get my qualifications and experience to go sail the boat i have researched for years...a tiki 30. I live in poole, dorset so wont be to far away from moorings etc...if i can afford the fees lol.

I am an electrician by trade...but am actually banned(in a funny way) at work from touching anything wooden...as i normally break it. This leads me on the question that i hope wont insult wharram owners....I have no idea(at all) about how much maintenance is required on the boat and hulls in particular as the thought of rot scares the living whatsit out of me, as said i have no skills in that area. i know the ply has epoxy cover, but is it easy to tell if a hull has rot or not...or is this not really an issue.

Again, please dont flame me as its a concern that grips me with fear.

Many thanks all,