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Hitia 17 - Wooden Deck versus Tramopline Deck

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Joined: 09/12/2016 - 02:06
Hitia 17 - Wooden Deck versus Tramopline Deck

Hello Everyone,

My name is Alan and I've recently finished my Hitia 17 - 'Bear' (named by my daughter after our very large but very old german shepard dog!)

After much indecision I have decided to opt for a hard deck on the Hitia 17 which consists of 80mm x 19mm spaced planks to allow fast drainage.

I've not had the chance to get the boat in the water yet but expect this to happen in the next few weeks in preparation for the 'Cornwall Hui' at the begining of August.

My question (finally!), is that I'm concerned if the extra weight will alter the waterline much? I appreaciate that the extra weight will reduce the speed of the boat slightly, increase stabilty, but as a stable family 'learning' boat, I'm not too concerned about the loss of speed.

Are there any 'Wharramites' out there can share there experiences of placing a wooden hull on the smaller Hitia 17s?

Your advice would be greatly appreciated!



Joined: 08/30/2016 - 21:33
Wooden Deck

Alan Hi - I am in early stages of building a Hitia 17 (Johannesburg) and from the Hitia's I have viewed sailing on YouTube a hard deck seems the better choice. Most builders seem to use a piece of ply + stringers, but I am thinking of a slatted platform like you. - would be interested in your design - I don't think weight is a key consideration within reason (think how much a 2nd / 3rd person on board weighs.) Also, did you go for hard hatches over the cockpits? regards William


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