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Mast radar reflector

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Anonymous (not verified)
Mast radar reflector
I can only remember reading, but I don't remember where, perhaps this forum? - to put foil inside a hollow wooden mast will act as a radar reflector, does anybody know if this will work , I am ready to fit the ends to my mast and so still have the opportunity to stuff the mast with foil catering trays which I bought for the purpose, now I am wondering if it works. I have added more images to my photobucket album of my build, have a browse at http://photobucket.com/billstiki21 Cheers from Bill Jones Tiki No 442 - hoping to be sailing for the summer
Anonymous (not verified)
Re: Mast radar reflector
Bill, I have heard the same, from different sources. . .One was an older electronics guy on the Wooden Boats forum. This fellow said that if your mast was already up, you could cut strips of foil 1/2"x3" and fill up old 1/2 gallon plastic containers with them for raising on lines. He said these worked as well as the more expensive passive reflectors on the market.
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