rudder lashing

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Joined: 03/20/2014 - 22:37
rudder lashing

Hi,can anyone help me,I'm refiting a Tiki31. I am trying to fit the rudders and try as I might --however tight I pull on the rope lashings ---when I take the support away the rudder sags down and the where the lashings cross they touch,not much but enough to worry me.I'm useing 4mm pre stretched polyester,spaceings as per plan.   A friend has suggested that as the rudders are made of wood when the boat goes in the water there will be some buoyancy and should counter "the sag" is this possibe ?

larry dorsett
Joined: 04/26/2014 - 01:09
rudder lashings

i built tiki 31 back in 1992 and i noticed rudder drop.felt to stupid to ask wharrams,and yes they did rise when in the water.if i was to build again i would consider not injecting the lacing holes but enlarging the holes and resin the inside of lace holes leaving the hinges free.if you check boatsmith videos it looks as if they have done this.this allows rudders to be taken off if need be,and easy hinge replacement.i would allso consider teak inserts on rudders and skegs at hinge positions.i enjoyed the building process,im not a good chippy but a roofer by trade and reasoned its all about keeping the water

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