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Tiki-21 Bilge Pumps

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Anonymous (not verified)
Tiki-21 Bilge Pumps
Has anyone installed bilge pumps on a Tiki-21? If so, where, what capacity, and were limber holes drilled into the bottoms of the bulkheads? Thank-you, Bruce Building a Tiki-21 #899 in Southern Louisiana, USA
Anonymous (not verified)
Re: Tiki-21 Bilge Pumps
Hi Bruce, The only time I've had water in my bilges is when I left the windows open during a serious rain! :D Not having limber holes meant the puddle was confined to the footwell in the aft cabin. I used my hand-powered pump to empty the bulk of the water. Bob Beggs (I may be messing up his name), who sailed his t26 in the single-handed Atlantic race years ago, accidently holed the bow compartment while launching and sailed a long distance down a coast. He discovered the compartment full of water up to the waterline! The boat sailed right along with the water in the compartment. He drained and repaired the boat prior to the race, nonetheless. IMHO, I don't think bilge pumps are necessary in small tikis...
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