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Tiki 21, still preparing.......

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Anonymous (not verified)
Tiki 21, still preparing.......
As I consider building a Tiki 21, a while ago I ordered and shortly afterwords recieved study plans. I had hoped that the study plan, besides material list, would give a hint of what the building plan looks like as English is obviously not my primary language. That was not the case, so now I wonder if someone, with proper building plans would be kind enough to mail me a page or two so I can decide if the project is within limit of my English knowledge. Greetings Karl
Anonymous (not verified)
Re: Tiki 21, still preparing.......
Hello Karl, Wharrams plans are very detailed as boat plans go. They also rely heavily on sketches to illustrate details. There are also several online forums that are full of people with answers and opinions. Press on David http://www.boatsmithfl.com
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