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tiki 26 mast set up

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Anonymous (not verified)
tiki 26 mast set up
Hi - I am sure this has been covered before but nothing came up on search. - any tips on setting mast up eg rake, shroud tension - I have a roller reefing headsail - best way to join it to hull cross wires - the shrouds are wire but end up with rope lashings to boat - any improvements to this? - and finally how to step mast w/o a crane! thanks & best Johnny
Anonymous (not verified)
Re: tiki 26 mast set up
The top of the mast should be 22 1/2" behind the mast foot: 4 degree rake. Shroud tension is achieved by getting the lashing as tight as humanly possible! ;) I do what Nok Tolay (Max) does: after you get the shroud lashing good and tight, lead the peak halyard to port stern handle, main halyard to starboard stern handle. Then take another line and tie a clincher knot to one halyard so it won't slip, and then lead the line around the other halyard, back to the knotted side: cinch it up tight! This will pull the masthead aft, allowing a further tightening of the shroud lashings. When you release the halyards, both the forestay and the shrouds will be good and tight. You can do this to the forestay lashing prior to doing the shrouds, btw. Here's a shot of David's tiki 30 re the bridle rigging: [img]http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_7z-p9Y3H-MQ/SjoapnkVHHI/AAAAAAAACQc/zWzZcIKfs1... My mast raising set-up: [img]http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2556/4059862056_688796e243_b.jpg[/img] Since my gin pole was short, it took two of us: I hauled the line (used the main sheet purchase shackled to the forebeam, led aft to a winch) while a friend lifted/pushed. To prevent going to far forward, I tied one of the shrouds to the aft beam cleat.
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