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Tikki 21 Wood replaced by marine ply stringers

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Joined: 01/05/2015 - 06:19
Tikki 21 Wood replaced by marine ply stringers

We are based in a remote location in India where the quality of wood is full of sap, even the imported pine varieties seem to scare us. Boat builders in the vicinity use very heavy local fruit tree hard wood which does not seem suitable either.

Teak is easily available & so is aged teak wood from furniture & heritage construction sites. We could also use marine ply laminates with epoxy to achieve required thickness & make stringers out of the same. Is this a good idea?

Pro's & Cons of substituting the Pine wood stringers with 

Marine Ply stringers for:
Keel, Sheerstringers, Deckbeams, Bunkbraces, Coamings, Hatchcoamings.

Aged teak:
Mast, Beamsockets, Gaff, Beam compression struts, Platform, Crossbeams top & bottom,Tillers & Tiller bar

Looking forward to some direction from experts, cannot wait to start building!

Mike Banks
Joined: 06/21/2011 - 06:46
Marine Ply stringers.

I have used them, two layers of 9mm marine plywood well saturated with epoxy and glued along a long level beam coated with a plastic faced hardboard covered in carnauba wax and release compound, with the same above and another piece of flat timber on top to hold it level.  A lot of meassing about. 

The edges have to be completely saturated with epoxy, and to this end when I thought they woulod take no more, I covered the edge with a thin tape of woven fibreglass rovings and then another dose of epoxy

The end product is heavy, a lot of trouble to go to, but is extremely strong.  Imported aircraft grade spruce from Canada or perhaps Russian suppliers might be the cheaper, quicker option.




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