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wanted Tiki 30 and 38 owners????

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Joined: 11/30/2017 - 14:51
wanted Tiki 30 and 38 owners????

Hello all. ive just joined this forum and have ordered study plans for Tiki 30 and 38, fallen for the design and want to build my own. Ive built boats before but not to this size.And have been sailing for a number of years since childhood. im looking at making it my home for a good few years with my partner and possibly our kids too, all growing up and are in their teens now. so they may not want to come all the time. I can see from photos and YouTube posts that alot of you are doing just that and are very happy with the Wharram designs that you have built/own. Im all for minimalist approach to living and Sailing, but my partner seems to have other ideas. She cant visualize layouts and deck sizes as I can. Are there any Tiki 30 and 38 owners in the southish of England that would be able to let us come and see the layouts and physical sizes of your boats. will gladly bring a bottle of wine or what ever you would fancy????.  Looking forward to the day I could do the same for someone else. Thank you.  laugh.