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wharram race ratings

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Anonymous (not verified)
wharram race ratings
Hi, I'm the vice commodore of FOMA (Florida offshore multihull Association and we sponsor races and have several Wharrams in the club and we race in other sailing squadrons on the west coast of Florida. We need a rating system for Wharrams both for us and the other clubs in the area. Does anyone have some ratings used anywhere? Normally its the Tiki class we need ratings for. Send me anything you have to sfbker@msn.com. I've owned a Wharram and want another one now. There are Wharrams in my Sci Fi books and there will be a fleet of them in the next one. Wayne Rutland http://wwrutland.wordpress.com
Anonymous (not verified)
Re: wharram race ratings
Hi Wayne, We have raced our Tiki 30 here in Palm Beach twice. Once the wind was a one tack race on a close reach with wind in the 15-20 knot range and large swells and wind waves coming in out of the east . They gave us a rating of 102 and we got creamed. WE would get the boat would up and trucking and then smack a wave top with the front beam and stop. And so on and so on. 2 weeks ago we raced 25 miles up the coast and had light and variable winds, very light and variable. Spinnaker up and down 6-7 times, thunder storms , drifting. We were the first multi.(2 Seawinds, Lagoon 42 -6, Leopard 42, 48 Foutaine Pagot. Rating of 93. The next day we close reached back with 12-18 knot breeze. There were 27 boats .The multis were the third start, 10 minutes after the PHRF fleet. The wind was too tight for our spinnaker for the first 1 1/2 hr. One of the Seawinds had a screecher or a code zero and was able to use this sail for about an hour before we could fly our chute. They moved several miles ahead of us during that period.Once we were able to fly the chute we worked up to within 3-4 minutes of them at the finish. They were the first boat to finish and we were the 4th boat over the line.A J-35 and a Hobie 33 finished 2-3 minutes in front of us but started 10 minutes earlier. Our sails are stock from Jeckyls and our boat is set up for cruising.You might remember seeing it at the Saint Pete boat show last year. That's what I know about the ratings of a Tiki 30. I too would like to know what experiences others have had. David http://www.boatsmithfl.com
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