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4-stroke outboard problem

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Anonymous (not verified)
4-stroke outboard problem
Has anyone had any problem with keeping a 4-stroke tilted up to the factory stop? As in not idling and other bad things? I know you don't keep them on their backs or the wrong side, but surely you can tilt them up to the factory stop! :?
Anonymous (not verified)
Re: 4-stroke outboard problem
Well, did more research on various motor forums, and as expected, the factory tilt is quite alright; I'll lean it towards the tiller side, per the factory. E10 (ethanol 10%) is what I have to use for fuel around here, and running the engine dry after disconnecting the fuel line and then draining the carb bowl got many votes. Octane boosters seem to be a plus, their ability to atomize water being a good thing.
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