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Electric motors

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Anonymous (not verified)
Electric motors
:) For what it's worth, those interested in electric outboards may wish to view this website. http://www.earthling.co.nz When the time comes prior to launch, I will look seriously at 2 of these for my Pahi 42. They just need a bigger prop. :) katfish
Anonymous (not verified)
Re: Electric motors
Katfish, have you compared those with the Torqeedo brand? (http://www.torqeedo.com) --Rich in CO, USA
Anonymous (not verified)
Re: Electric motors
Hi Corich, Yes I have. The Torqueedos are just a little bit underpowered for my liking. They would probably produce enough speed for most circumstances, but I would like that bit extra in reserve for the emergency situation. A bit like my car. I have a turbocharged Volvo convertible that I drive economically like a Honda Accord, but when I need it (and I have a few times), it can go like a bat out of hell to get me out of a tricky passing situation. And I think my Pahi 42 will be a bit heavier than the standard, and so would appreciate that little bit more power (and more importantly torque). Best regards, katfish
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Torqueedo motors

Just to complete the information about Torqueedo Motors here.
Torqueedo has now motors up to 80 hp in their product portfolio. Far more than a Pahi 42 will need!

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