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Hitia-17-mast made from bamboo?

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Eckart Droessle...
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Hitia-17-mast made from bamboo?

Good morning

Is there any experiance in using bamboo als a material for masts?

I'm thinking about using bamboo for a Hitia-17-Mast. This bamboo is used for scaffolding, pole vault and building bicycles. A a cane with diameter 120-140 mm and length 6 meter costs 56 Euro.

It could be a quick and cheap mast....? What do you think about that idea?


(sorry, website only in German)



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Hi, look at this Tiki 21:

Hi, look at this Tiki 21:


I also will use a bamboo pole for my cat (20ft).

I fill the cavity with epoxy foam and exterior coated with fiberglass smiley

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