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Tiki26 Main Beam Aluminium Tube

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Anonymous (not verified)
Tiki26 Main Beam Aluminium Tube
Because my Tiki26 has been standing out in the rain for all these years, the main beam is rotten for about 1/3 of its length. Because of time constraints I have an idea of using a 8" (200mm) tube to replace it. I intend to weld a table and various lugs on to the tube for setting the mast etc. I would appreciate any comments, advice and photos etc. I am brand new to this forum, so hello all.
Anonymous (not verified)
Re: Tiki26 Main Beam Aluminium Tube
The main beam on my Tiki 21 was rotten too over about a fifth of its length, but significantly over one of the inboard lashing points. I cut out the rotten section of flange by using a router, set to the depth of the flange and cut along the centre, over the web. I then hand cut a scarf at either end of the damaged sections and set in a new flange section. To give added strength to the top and bottom flanges, I added 2 layers of Glass with epoxy resin. I have sailed one short season with the repair and no apparent problems. it might be worth a go at repairing - I know the 26 has a different beam structure. Tiki21
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