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hello sailors.Looking forward to buy a Wharram 26

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hello sailors.Looking forward to buy a Wharram 26
looking forward to buy a 26ft.wharram by humberto » 26 Nov 2009 14:49 Hello Wharram sailors. I will present myself a bit. My name is Humberto,now just back ik Spain after 9 years going around. Have been 7 years sailing i the Pacific. Now selling my yacht ,a Halcyon 27 Want to come back to the Va vau islands in Tonga and like to find me a 26 ft. Or another Wharren,not smaller for the amount I can spent, as close as possible to Tonga. Might have to ship the future boat to Tonga as well if I buy in Australia,from New zealand it might be easyer to sail the boat. My money is limited,9000 u.s.$ hope that some of you Wharren sailors can give me the information I m looking forward to. web http://www.nuriadevilanova.com Another question is how to get my dog from Spain to Tonga,I understand that it is not admitted to bring in a dog in New Zealand or Australia,but the planes have a stop over there. Thanks allready sailors and congratiulations with the page and this magnificent catamarans humberto elholandeserrante@hotmail.com
Anonymous (not verified)
Re: hello sailors.Looking forward to buy a Wharram 26
Hi - I havent a boat to sell - but i am planning cruise from uk to menorca in june, and to leave boat there for a month. where are you based in spain?! best Johnny
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