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Non sail Wharram

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Anonymous (not verified)
Non sail Wharram
Hi. Has anyone ever build a mast-less Wharram? Because of the ease and cost of making a W, I am considering making a 50 - 60ft motor cat to be used as a light working boat for coastal work. Are there any problems in doing this? As I don`t always have much time to check on the many types of forums I belong to, could anyone with answers also E me at georgebigblue@gmail.com Many thanks. :?:
Anonymous (not verified)
Re: Non sail Wharram
I think it was James Wharram who posted the question of whether he'd be wise to design a boat especially for power. Since then I've changed my mind and now think that the world of sail is so dependent on power that most cruisers would be better off in boats designed for the use. A purpose designed power yacht should get better gas milage and so even be more eco-friendly than all the fake sailboats pushing redundant rigs through the wind and hauling other resource squandering sailing components around. Or perhaps equipped with simple downwind rigs.
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