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The PCA - what's happening???

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The PCA - what's happening???
Dear All, There have been many questioning "what's happened". So briefly here it is: Approximately three years ago, the Secretary (Ken Hook) sadly passed away leaving his beautiful young wife (Anita) to try to battle on alone. Anita has done an amazing job especially given that she has had to work under communication limitations. Calls have been made numerous times in the past four or five magazines asking for a new secretary and a new treasurer. No one has volunteered to take on these roles, though recently it came to light that one particular member believed he had the right to assume ownership of the PCA. Meanwhile, Anita has been left to struggle with keeping the PCA alive and producing the magazine as well as acting as membership officer, treasurer, printing co-ordinator and merchandise sales officer - all on top of trying to get her on life in order after the tragic loss of Ken. To give you an example of the burden this has been, Anita's hot water system broke down a couple of years back and because of all the PCA merchandise stored in her house, taking up the hallway, one of the bedrooms, the loungeroom and the attic, repairs could not be effected due to lack of access. This has been an enormous burden for Anita. It has come time to make the arrangements to help Anita let go of the PCA. We, the Committee (with the exception of Remy Roy) want to make all the past magazines available on the internet. We also want there to be the ability for submission of new stories to be published on the internet. At this point in time, there is not the physical resources (ie people) to collect fees, pay bills, organise collection, hold AGMs, editing and printing of the magazine and sell the merchandise. The internet option is the only one available that continues the PCA in spirit. We are looking for someone to manage an internet site including scanning all past issues of Sailorman / SeaPeople and to receive and collate new stories (Bob / Bill - are you out there? Please?) Unfortunately the PCA cannot operate in the same form without a secretary and a treasurer and that is why the member's votes are being sought to "place it into hiatus" but in all honesty, it is already in hiatus on the grounds that all memberships have lapsed and there is no one to collect new or renewing dues and magazine number 75 which will be posted out this month is the last one to be co-ordinated by Anita. Those already having paid membership dues by standing order will be refunded and those whose membership payments were not up to date for number 75 will be contacted by Kat Wilkie asking for payment by cheque, internet transfer or postal order only as the PCA no longer has the facility to accept credit cards. If you would like to know anything else or have any questions, or better still volunteer for any of the positions / jobs, please email John and Kat at katfish1@iprimus.com.au or telephone us (we like to talk) on 61 7 3297 6669 or skype on katfish2607. Below is a copy of the AGM notice sent out by email and snail mail to "members" this week. Cheers John and Kat Wilkie NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING PROPOSAL TO PLACE THE PCA INTO HIATUS Date of AGM: 4 January 2011 Time of AGM: 11:00am Place of AGM: The Thatched House, East Lowe Lane, Bournemouth, Dorset, U.K. Dear Member, Contrary to Remy Roy’s claims in “The Sea People” issue number 75 (which you will receive shortly), he is not the Secretary of the PCA and does not have any authority to collect any membership fees, accept future contributions for or continue to publish the magazine “The Sea People”. It is also important to note that Remy is not legally qualified, has not been authorised or engaged by the PCA to speak on its behalf (with the exception of editing some past magazines) and has no authority to enact or commence any legal action in the PCA’s name or in relation to any property, including intellectual, belonging to the PCA. The PCA retained and continues to retain copyright on all material published and intellectual property, to the extent that such retention does not infringe on the original author’s statutory or implied rights. That said, the Committee would like to recognise and thank Remy for his hard work, commitment and personal care as a highly respected member of the editorial team over the past few years. At this point in time, no two persons come forward to commit to take on the Secretary / Treasurer roles and Remy, whilst willing to act as Secretary to a certain extent, sees himself more as an “owner editor” which does not fit within the Association’s constitution or intentions. Due to these circumstances, the PCA will need to be placed into hiatus until such time as new persons are willing to act as Secretary and Treasurer. Proposals have been drafted to facilitate this change. As it stands, all PCA memberships has now lapsed and as of the date of the AGM, if the resolutions are not challenged and subsequently passed, no further new or renewed membership applications or fees will be accepted. The magazine will not be published in a hard copy however there is a proposal to allow the magazine to go electronic and we, the Committee, ask that you vote according to your personal views. Please note that if you have written an article for either Sea People or Sailorman and you do NOT wish your article to be published on a PCA website, you will need to provide your retraction of authorisation to publish in writing and of course it will be respected. The old magazines will be scanned, in their entirety without modification (except for the removal of any unauthorised articles) and no further changes will be made to anyone’s already published material. Once the resolutions have been effected, all outstanding accounts and sufficient monies for at least two year’s storage of merchandise, etc., is paid, it is the intent of both John Wilkie and Anita Hook to resign from their official offices, thereby leaving these positions vacant together with all other Committee positions. At any time in the future, should two new persons wish to recommence the Association’s activities including publishing the magazine, it will be a relatively simple matter of those two people putting themselves up for nomination, paying their membership fees, calling their own AGM, taking office and then seeking members including being able to write to the “old” membership list to see who wishes to rejoin. Please note that even if Resolutions 3 through 6 fail to be passed, there are still no persons willing to continue to act in the necessary offices and the PCA will become totally inoperative. If the resolutions are passed, a final communication will be mailed to all members providing the outcome of the AGM, what steps were taken to place the Association into hiatus, including but not limited to a full financial report, and how to submit new articles for electronic publication. RESOLUTIONS Resolution 1: That John Wilkie be appointed Secretary, such position to be vacated 30 days after the AGM. Resolution 2: That Anita Hook be appointed as Treasurer, such position to be vacated 30 days after the AGM. Resolution 3: That all other Committee positions are declared vacant. Resolution 4: That Resolutions 5 through 7 inclusive be enacted and continue until such time as nominations are received and offices are confirmed for a new Secretary and Treasurer. Resolution 5: That the Association be placed into hiatus and all unnecessary activities, including hard copy publication of the magazine “The Sea People”, notices and holding of AGMs, advertising, et al, cease immediately. Resolution 6: That no further membership applications or fees be accepted. Resolution 7: That all property belonging to the Association be placed into storage and there be no further sales or licensing of merchandise, back issues or other PCA property (real, personal or intellectual) with the Association to pay storage costs, in advance, for a period of not less than two years. Resolution 8: That, provided Resolutions 1 through 6 are carried, the Association facilitate and pay freight, five year’s web-site maintenance and other associated costs for the on line publication of the Sea People Magazine, including all past issues, should Bob Bois and / or Bill Barker and / or another appropriate person agree to: (a) scan at no further cost and electronically publish, under the Association’s banner, all back issues of Sailorman / Sea People, and (b) accept and electronically publish any new articles submitted by any person which they deem, in their full discretion, to be of interest to past and future Polynesian catamaran builders, owners, sailors or other associated parties. Issued for and on behalf of The Polynesian Catamaran Association Chairman, James Wharram, and the following Committee members: Anita Hook Paul Evans Gerald Winkler Steven Tellardin Stephen Veale Dirk Horstmann John & Kat Wilkie
Anonymous (not verified)
Re: The PCA - what's happening???
Curious timing 11AM midweek? How many will show? Shame about the closing up shop, hope it survives. Will you publish AGM minutes here Busy refurbishing a Wharram
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