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Disaster Novels and Climate change
January 2013
James reviews the new book 'Pulse' by Scott Williams about a Wharram catamaran in a survival situation. 

Visit to Boatsmith, Florida

May 2012
James and Hanneke visit Boatsmith in Florida to see the new yard and the progress of the new Ariki 47 GRP.

Amatasi at Brest and Douarnenez
July 2012
James discusses the trip to the traditional festivals of Brest and Douarnenez, Brittany, to exhibit the Amatasi.

New beginnings
February 2011

Hanneke renewed. Start of Amatasi build, new office staff.

Beale Park Boatshow

June 2011

Getting Amatasi ready for the Beale Park Boatshow.

Amatasi at Beale Park

June 2011
James describes the positive atmosphere of this open air boat show.

Disabled Sailing on a Wharram

August 2011

How a 51ft Tehini was adapted for sailing from a wheelchair. An example for other disabled sailors on a low budget!

Sailing in an economic crisis
December 2011

James discusses the use of small boats when money is short. He also meets the sailors of Sopranino.

Christmas Letter
December 2011

A look back over 2011.

The Polynesian Catamaran Association

March 2010
James discusses the history of the Polynesian Catamaran Association and 'Seapeople Magazine'.

Mumbai Boatshow

April 2008
Visit to 2nd Mumbai Boatshow and our professional builders in India.

Thailand – Seascape and Siam Sailing

May 2008

Visit to the Wharram yard in Phuket and a sail on the Islander 55.

Lapita Voyage at Oslo Conference

June 2008

James' lecture in Oslo at the museum and meeting our Norwegian publishers.

Lapita Voyage appeal

September 2008

An appeal for contributions to donate two Tama Moana's to Tikopia and Anuta.


February 2007

James' letter introducing his London boat show lecture.

Sailing, a last freedom?

February 2007

Lecture given by James at the London Boatshow.

Surfing, Boatshows and Film interviews
July 2007

Discussion of web surfing, Beale Park Boatshow and sailing on Gaia with Jim Brown (trimarans designer).

Visit to Andy Smith Boatyard
November 2007
Report on the building of the first Islander 65.

A Voyaging Canoe for Tikopia

March 2006

James discusses his latest project, the development of a voyaging canoe for Tikopia.

50 Years On

June 2006

James reminisces on 50 years of catamaran design.

Going Back in Time
November 2006
James at Plymouth University and films by Ruth Wharram now available on DVD.

March 2005

James gives his latest thoughts on a variety of subjects...

The Philippines

May 2005
James discusses his trip to The Philippines, where he visited Andy Smith Boatworks.

Design Discussion

June 2005
James compares Gaia’s design features with those of the charter Pahi 52. Spirit of Gaia’s Wingsail Rig is tested by other catamaran sailors.

Launching and Sailing the Tiki 8M

August 2005

James gives a report on the launching and sailing of the Tiki 8m.

James' Christmas Letter
November 2005

James discusses the events of the past year.

Boat Shows
March 2004

James discusses his visits to the London and Düsseldorf boat shows.

Loss of freedom and the RCD (Recreational Craft Directive)

May 2004

James discusses his views on the RCD, the unpopular UK law known as 'Recreational Craft Directive'.If you build or trade in recreational craft between 2.5 and 24 meters in the EU, then it affects you.

November 2004
The year 2004 has for the Wharrams been a chaotic year - at this moment there are 3 major rebuilds going on.

Professional Building In Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines
April 2003
James discusses his visit to the 'Seascape' boatbuilding yard in Thailand, as well as his visit to PT PAL, Indonesia.

Viking ships and Ethnic designs
December 2003

James discusses his visit to the Roskilde Viking ship museum in Denmark, as well as the progress of the building of the 'Child of the Sea' design.

Many Meetings
February 2002
In this letter James discusses the various meetings he had at the time, as well as his interesting new office that was recently built.

Boat Durability and New Designs
April 2002
James discusses some of the technical aspects to the refitting of Gaia as well as the Islander 55 and 'Child Of The Sea' designs.

Summer in Corfu

September 2002

James discusses the busy happenings of the last 3-4 months, including the refitting of Gaia and the Multihull Deutschland rally.

Mongolian Water Transport and Islander 55
December 2002
James discusses his trip to Mongolia and the building of the Islander 55 at the PT PAL shipbuilding yard.

A Happy New Year to our Wharram Builders and Sailors

January 2001

James writes about current happenings as well as some future projects.

The Race

January 2001

James discusses the multihull race that started from Barcelona on the 31st of December 2000.

Tiki 38 tested

February 2001
The Tiki 38 was tested in France, James discusses the results and implications.

Visit to Indonesia
July 2001
James writes from Indonesia, discussing his visit and the building of the "Islander" crafts at the PT PAL shipyard.

Voyage to Venice
December 2001
James discusses the Gaia's voyage from Corfu to Venice through Croatia and the Adriatic.

Denmark, Vikings and Wharram Builders
July 2000
James discusses a visit to Denmark, meeting Wharram builders and the Vikingship museum, to continue to Corfu for a refit of 'Spirit of Gaia'.

Tahiti Wayfarer in Douarnenez
August 2000

James discusses his visit to the Douarnenez festival with the Tahiti Wayfarer.

How I design

January 1999

June 1999

Written by Ruth Wharram while James and Hanneke are on an expedition to Iceland. She discusses the current activities of the time.

The Melanesia Story
December 1999

James tells the story behind the Melanesia craft.

Welcome from James
James' first letter.