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2018 News

We're Going Digital!

Wharram Study Plans

Our Wharram ethos has always been 'simple, sustainable and eco-friendly building and sailing'. With global concerns to reduce carbon footprint, we will mirror our ethos through our on-line orders. Over the next few months we will wind down our 'hard copy' stock of Study Plans and the 'Wharram Design Book'. Once hard copy stock has been sold out there will be a 'digital download' option only. We have now also introduced a new 'pick and mix' option to buy 'clusters' of Study Plans of your chosen designs for a reduced price.

2017 News

2017 Hui Wharram, Florida - to be attended by Hanneke Boon

Wharram cats gathered for the Florida Hui

Come, see and enjoy the boats. Weather permitting we sail, We talk about Wharrams and nearly any other boat. We tell sailing stories…some may even be true. We compare notes. We share pictures. We look at plans. We take pictures of each other’s boats and get some really good (and a few bad) ideas. We eat and drink and just have fun. The after-dinner program includes several speakers, the presentation of awards, and features a special presentation by Hanneke Boon.

Micro Adventure Weekend - A Cornish Wharram Hui!

Wharram Melanesia

Calling all (UK) Wharram Cat owners – We warmly invite you to come and join us for a weekend of Wharram Micro Adventures. 4th, 5th and 6th August 2017, Cornwall. We felt it would be wonderful to organise our very own Cornish Hui here in Cornwall based from Wharram HQ. We have based this weekend around the full moon (high tides), to allow all Wharram Cat owners to potter up our creek at high tide and moor off Wharram HQ on the first night.

Cruising the Canary Islands on Pahi 53 Hecate

Pahi 53 Hecate

The Canary Islands have played an important and emotional role in James’ and my sailing history. Matt and his film-maker friend Mikey have spent many months last year making a documentary about big wave surfing, with Hecate as the mother ship taking surfers to remote extreme surf areas that are hard to get to over land. Hecate would be in the Canaries in January, there would be a break in filming at that time. We, James and I, leapt at the chance and found cheap flights out to Lanzarote in early January.

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2014 News

Mana 24: A New Trailer Sailor in the Pipeline

Mana 24 drawing

The most economical way to enjoy sailing is to build your own small lightweight boat, to keep it at home and trail it to the waters you want to sail in. This gives opportunity to explore many more sailing areas than if based on a permanent mooring and at much lower cost. Whilst exploring this idea I am looking sideways into the world of camping and the living equipment you need for a camping holiday bought at a reasonable price, as against highly priced yachting equipment.

2013 News

Meeting of the Golden Oldies

Collage of multihulls

In 2005 in France people set up the Golden Oldies Multihulls Association. Its aims are to support individual actions to protect the heritage of historic offshore multihulls. Most of its members own Classic racing multihulls designed before 1988, there are also Silver members with special multihulls of a slightly later date. On May 15th -20th they will be holding a sailing meeting in Sète in the South of France to which James and Hanneke have been invited. They were tempted to sail ‘Spirit of Gaia’ to the meeting, but logistics are too problematic.

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News from Wharram Headquarters

James Wharram and son Jamie, about to board the plane home

It has been a long time with little news from the Wharram office. There is a reason for this, James has not been well. Ever since returning from the Lapita Voyage in March, James was suffering from discomfort in his gut. In fact this was one reason for him returning before the finish of the voyage. We assumed it was some microscopic tropical parasite or tenacious bacteria and several tests were done. Finally an internal examination was ordered and the result was very disturbing as bowel cancer was diagnosed.

2008 News

Professional Wharram Builder in the U.S - Boatsmith Inc

Wharram Catamaran with people aboard

David Halladay, owner of Boatsmith, Inc. in southeastern Florida, has recently entered into an agreement with James Wharram Designs to be the authorized builder of Wharram catamarans in the United States. This agreement was signed after James and Hanneke met David and his wife Debra at the 2008 Wooden Boat Show in Mystic Connecticut and were able to personally inspect “Abaco,” Boatsmith’s outstanding example of a Tiki 30.

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