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HUI Wharram 2014 Announced

January 2014 
Gathering of boats at last year's hui wharram Florida Keys, May 2014

We will be holding the Spring Wharram Rendezvous (a Hui Wharram) May 16-17-18, 2014 in Islamorada, FL (Florida Keys) at the world famous Lorelei Cabana Bar.

A “Hui Wharram” or “Hui-o-waa-Kaulua-Wharram” (Hawaiian) is a group or gathering of Wharram boats but any type of boat is welcome. Come even if you don’t have a boat.

There is no easier way to fulfill your sailing dreams – from sailing the trade winds or the local shores – than with a Wharram Sailing Catamaran. Wharrams range from 16’ to 63’ and are mostly home built of plywood. Stable, rugged, fast, FUN, comfortable, inexpensive to build, operate and repair!

Come, see and enjoy the boats. Just have fun. We talk about Wharrams and nearly any other boat. We tell sailing stories... some may even be true. We compare notes. We share pictures. We look at plans. We take pictures of each other’s boats and get some really good (and a few bad) ideas. We eat and drink and just have fun. Bring a boat if you have one and everyone is welcome... no boat needed! FREE! No registration, no costs, no plan (a perfect Keys event!)! Join us for a Dutch-treat dinner on Saturday night at the Lorelei... door prizes!

For details send an email to floridawharramrendezvous@hotmail.com

Event Details

CAUTION:  The Keys roads are under construction and from Lower Key Largo to Islamorada we are having sewers installed and repaving completed…hence the roads are torn up and the speed limits are down to 40 MPH in some places!!!!!  Heed this warning!!!!!!!

First, Wharrams available in the Continental USA and related information (to the best of my knowledge as of this email!):

1. Pahi 42’, 1995, Vermillion Bay, LA, Jason, jason@crusaderservices.com, 720-329-9912.
2. Narai 42’, Circa 1978, Key Largo, FL, Annie, acflygirl@att.net, 305-923-9278. Approximately 20 miles from the rendezvous.  We most likely can arrange a visit if you are interested.
3. Raka 36’, Early 70’s, Project Boat, Savannah, GA, Scott, scott@machineryexportservices.com, 845-269-1707.
4. Tanenui 29', Launched 2008, Goodland (Marco Island) Fl, Vince, achnacarry@comcast.net, 239-207-2685. Will be at rendezvous.
5. Tangaroa 34’ MK1, 1973, Project Boat with Trailer, Pensacola, Fl, Joe, 850-525-9292, coconutjoe0007@yahoo.com.
6. Professionally built Wharrams, Florida, David, www.boatsmithfl.com, david@boatsmithfl.com, 561-744-0855.
7. Professionally built and kit Wharrams, Texas, Shane, www.wharrambuilders.com, builder@budgetboater.com, 254-232-4033

Reminder – This year, Friday night, full moon party fireworks at Morada Bay restaurant – can be seen easily from Lorelei beach or from your anchored boat.  11pm.  FREE from Lorelei and inexpensive beer or pay for admission to see it and buy expensive drinks from Morada Bay (gee, we are Wharramites, wonder which we will select!?).  Great display!

A Gathering of Wharrams (Hui Wharram)
Hui Wharram -- Hawaiian name.  In long form “Hui-o-waa-Kaulua-Wharram”.  “Hui” means a group or gathering united for a common purpose (further: “o” means of, “waa” means canoe and is pronounced va-a with both a's short, “Kaulua” means two hull (Kau=hull and lua= two)).  So, it literally means a gathering of two-hull Wharram canoes.  In the short form "Hui Wharram " – a group or gathering of Wharrams.

Wharrams that we expect to be at the event: We are never sure what boats will show up, but as of this email we expect to have a Tiki 38, Tangaroa 35 and 36 (2 to 4), Tiki 31, Pahi 31, Tiki 30, Tanenui 29, Tiki 26, Tiki 21 and a few other multi-hulls as well – a “half boat” or two will come to learn where they went wrong.  Please remember that due to weather and personal circumstances I can’t promise any particular boat or group of boats will be here.

Will these boats go out for a sail? Don’t know.  It is up to each Captain.  Many have sailed in from quite a distance and the Captains want to enjoy the event; see other boats, talk to their friends and relax a little too.  They will let you know if they will be taking people out for a sail and at what time.  It may be spur of the moment.

There will also be some sailors who stop by because they think there may be free beer (there isn’t) or just good camaraderie (there is).  Of course boat attendance is always pending weather and the normal and sometimes unanticipated situations that occur (note that I’ve said this twice!).  We expect to have more than 90 people visiting at various times during the weekend and about 45 are likely to attend the Saturday evening dinner party (door prizes!).

SPECIAL:  Frank Papy (author of Cruising Guide to the Florida Keys and others (www.cruisingguidetothefloridakeys.com), Chuck Kanter, author of Cruising Catamaran Communique and others (www.sailcopress.com) and Corinne Kanter, author of Cruising KISS Cookbook and others (www.sailcopress.com) and Scott Williams, author of The Prepper’s Workbook, The Pulse and others (www.scottbwilliams.com) and Kinglsley Cox co-author of Attempted Escape from Western Civilization by Homebuilt Wooden Catamaran (www.jumbleboat.com) will provide books as door prizes.  Most, if not all these authors will be here to sign their books!!!!!!!

7:00 Sturday Evening:  Dutch-treat Dinner Starts and Door Prizes

These activities will take place at our outdoor gathering place on the beach somewhere near the Tiki Bar.

At the Dutch-treat dinner we will have door prize items provided by many of our friends in the boating and Islamorada communities.  Everyone at the Saturday night dinner will participate in these drawings.  Don’t forget dinner is outdoors, usually uncovered (the area is uncovered, not you – well, depending on your level of inebriation!).  Bring cool weather gear and “liquid sunshine” covering.

As has been our yearly custom we will also award the posters that advertised the event and can be seen lashed (in Wharram custom) to trees at the Lorelei.  How exciting is that????!!!!  Sooooooo Kewl!  Over the years these have become the most cherished of all prizes (OK, a little more spin and hype here.) and can be used to decorate your captain’s den at home or prove to your spouse that you really went to a Hui Wharram (and that it was not a Hula or wet T-shirt contest!).  They are also good place mats, make good epoxy mixing palates and can even be used to scoop puppy poop.  Amazingly versatile items!  These will be awarded based on a rigorously vetted, focus-group tested and opinion-poll reviewed special set of criteria…that means I don’t yet have a clue what those criteria will be – I will make those criteria up on the spot based on my personal whims!  I’m from ‘nort ‘joisey, I run da show, I make up da rules.

PLEASE, bring your cameras as we can always use high-resolution shots for magazines and such.  Southwinds magazine (Steve is Editor – editor@southwindsmagazine.com) is always looking for good shots of Wharrams – close ups or raft ups preferred!!!!!!!  Sometimes he will also publish articles about your Wharram adventures as well.  Pics of raft ups would be even better.  Also, we are sure you will enjoy documenting the various types of Wharrams and their features – so that you remember the features of each model -- when you are ready to decide on which one will best take you around the world…or even to the Carib or Keys beaches!  You will also want to take pictures of the sunset…it’s spectacular in the Keys.


For those coming by boat please try to be available on your boat or at/near the dock with a dinghy as much as you can, especially on Saturday and Sunday, so that people can see your boat on their schedule…or, just leave your boat open and put a sign (we can supply the signs) on it saying that people can come aboard and look around.  That may mean that you may be playing host most of both Saturday and Sunday.  Those who are coming to compare boats, especially Wharrams, will be most grateful.  And, remember, you are probably here to talk about your pride and joy anyway!!!!  Thanks.

We always need dinghies, kayaks or canoes!  The more we have the more flexibility we have regarding boat visits and movement among the boats.  If you have one and can bring it, please do.  And, the more you can take people around to see all the boats the better.  It is also a good opportunity to get to meet some new people that you may not have met on the beach.  Please also bring enough life vests for all that your dinghy can handle at it’s maximum legal load.  Lights (portable 360 white) are required for getting back to any boats that may be anchored out at night.  If your dinghy has a motor be sure the dinghy is properly registered if required in your state.

Also, for those boats with very shallow draft (nearly ALL Wharrams except for those with over 3’ draft – and those can be accommodated just off the beach at least during the day) please anchor as close to shore as you can so people can see the boats from the Lorelei – of course without blocking the often unmarked fishing channels or views from the chairs at the Lorelei beach (people come to the Lorelei to see the sunset!).  Most of these boats can come right up to the beach…and we can stack a few deep so visitors can jump between them.  We want to get as many boats as possible close in as we can.  Also, there is a seaplane landing area very near shore!  It is marked by a round white ball bouy and used infrequently but it may be.  I’ll tell you where it is…It may or may not be on your charts.

CAUTION:  The Keys roads are under construction and from Lower Key Largo to Islamorada are having sewers installed and repaving completed…hence the roads are torn up and the speed limits are down to 40 MPH for various distances!!!!!  Heed this warning!!!!!!  Yes, I said this before and I’ll say it again!  If you are driving to the event be very observant of speed limits once off the Florida Turnpike in Homestead.  The “18 mile stretch” from Homestead to Key Largo the speed limit is 55.  From that point on the speed limit changes frequently and is now 40 in many places because of the construction.  We love ticket revenue in the Keys!!!!  Also, for your car nuts, don’t bother renting a “hot car” to drive to the Keys.  I see people renting the new Hertz Shelby Mustangs in Miami to drive to the Keys.  Do you need 600 HP to drive at a maximum 55 mph and mostly at 40-45?  Looks cools but a waste of fun power.  People think they can open her up because it looks like getting to the keys one travels a long stretch of highway…but if you get caught doing so you will need a different type of key to “open her up”.

Also, please re-read the info in Email #1 about our governmental wizards who now no longer accept cash (any type of coin of the realm is no longer legal tender) at any of the Florida Turnpike “toll booths” from about Boca Raton on down.  Gee, what a great idea for tourism!  If you are driving your own car with out of state tags you will be sent a “toll bill” at the end of the month.  Yes, they will find you!  YOUR OUT OF STATE “UNIVERSAL” TOLL TRANSPONDER – that works in nearly all other states with intergovernmental agreements -- WILL NOT WORK IN FLORIDA (more bureaucratic brilliance!).  If you have a rental car be sure to ask the rental company how they intend to screw you (if it sounds reasonable, don’t believe them).

The Dutch-treat festivities on Saturday night begins at 6pm with a cash bar at the beach side Lorelei Tiki Hut and we will eat and hold the door prizes along with dinner beginning at 7pm.  We will announce the ordering and billing protocol at the beginning of the meal. CASH IS ALWAYS EASIER!!!!!  Let’s make it easy for the staff…they have always been great in past years and I’m sure we will get great service and food again this year.  Don’t forget they will add about 25% to your bill for tax and tip – please factor that into your calculations if you are doing a group bill so you can divide it up properly. Thanks.

Don’t forget, the Lorelei is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day and there is entertainment all weekend.  GREAT FOOD!  Please be sure to patronize the Lorelei as much as you can.  Check out the Lorelei at www.loreleicabanabar.com.  They help us, let’s be sure to help them. 

Just in case you wondered, correct attire for the Keys is less than casual.  Formal wear in the Keys means you turn your T-shirt (and, to be non-sexist, your halter top) inside out.  Shoes are detested.  Flip flops are tolerated.  However, deodorant is appreciated …especially for those downwind.

My Wharram Tiki 21, “Forever Young” will be at the Lorelei beach and you are welcome to go aboard and look around anytime.  We generally gather at one of the swings on the Lorelei beach.  If you dinghy in you can tie up to the Lorelei dock or beach it – please tie off well and account for the tides. 

Please be sure to let me know when you arrive so that I can keep a count for dinner and verify that we have correct information regarding contacting you for future events.  We also want you to pick up your copy of Southwinds magazine (www.southwindsmagazine.com) (a monthly must read) and the package of kewl materials (DISCOUNT COUPONS!!!!) from the Chamber of Commerce (www.islamoradachamber.com), Free Press (www.keysnews.com) and maybe others.  All Captains will also get a free copy of Cruising Outpost magazine – worth it’s weight in beer and great fun reading!

Please be aware that I only use emails to announce Hui Wharram events…rarely phone calls and never snail mail addresses so please be sure to give me a working email address so that I can contact you regarding future events.  IF YOU CHANGE EMAIL ADDRESS DURING THE YEAR PLEASE NOTIFY ME…WE LOSE AT LEAST 10 OR SO PEOPLE EACH YEAR FROM OUR EMAIL LIST BECAUSE THEIR EMAIL ADDRESS NO LONGER WORKS.  We will ask you to complete a registration form so that I have your most current information.

For those coming in by boat (and without landside hotel), showers are available at my house (1/2 mile away).  Just let me know when you want to go to the house to fumigate yourself (quick showers please, small hot water tank!).  It would be nice if you bring you’re your own towel.  Please stay downwind from everyone else until then!  If you need a car to get gas or to re-provision I can take you or you can use my car.  You can do laundry at my house too or there is a great new coin laundry (called SeaFoam) less than a half mile from the Lorelei.

Let me know when you arrive at the Lorelei…stop by my boat, look for me at one of the swings on the beach or call my cell (305-393-3485) or home (305-664-0190).  Please leave a message if I don’t pick up.  I DO NOT HAVE TEXT MESSAGING.  I DON’T GET EMAILS ON MY PHONE.  MY PHONE IS ONLY A FRIGGIN’ PHONE!  I DON’T TWEET, I DON’T IM, I DON’T HAVE FACEBOOK OR ANY OF THAT CRAP.  USE VOICE PHONE WITH VOICE MAIL OR REGULAR EMAIL ONLY (and I have to be at home at my computer to get emails – and I do that only once per day)!!!!!!!!  I’m old school…hell, I lash my boat together…what the hell do you want!!!!!


OK, that’s it.  Get here! 

We all look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.  Wharramites one and all!

You will have a great time!
Fair Winds,