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(POSTPONED) Micro Adventure Weekend – A Cornish Wharram Hui!

By Nicki John
Wharram Melanesia

We are very sorry to announce that the weather this coming weekend (9th-11th June) will be too bad to hold the Micro Adventure weekend in Cornwall. Forecast is for very strong winds and the boats that were planning to sail from Exmouth, Fowey and the Channel Islands will not be able to do so.

So we would like to reschedule the event to the full moon weekend in August (4-6th August). Please tell us if you would be able to come on those dates and we will reschedule for that weekend. We want it to be an event that will be remembered!


Calling all (UK) Wharram Cat owners – We warmly invite you to come and join us for a weekend of Wharram Micro Adventures. 4th, 5th and 6th August 2017, Cornwall.

There’s nothing better than a good old fashioned Hui!

‘What’s a Hui?’ We hear you cry! A Hui is the Polynesian word for ‘social gathering’ and they regularly take place all over the Pacific. So we felt it would be wonderful to organise our very own Cornish Hui here in Cornwall, starting from Wharram HQ, Devoran.

We have based this weekend around the full moon (high tides), to allow all Wharram Cat owners to potter up our creek at high tide and moor off our Wharram site on the first night.

Rory McDougall will be bringing his Tiki21 'Cooking Fat' to the Micro Adventure weekend. Rory sailed this iconic Tiki 21 around the world in the 1990s and arrived second in the 2010 Jester Challenge across the Atlantic.

Tiki 21 Cooking Fat
Rory McDougall's Tiki 21 'Cooking Fat'

Also coming is the beautiful Tiki 30 (with deckpod) 'Moku', sailing across from the Channel Islands, as well as a Tiki 26 coming from Hayle and Tiki 31 'Brillig'. We are also expecting one or two Hitia 17s.

Tiki 30 Moku
Tiki 30 'Moku'
Tiki 31 Brillig
Tiki 31 'Brillig'

Also there, will be the Wharram Designs owned new Mana 24, the 21ft Tahiti Wayfarer and the 27ft Amatasi and a Melanesia. So all the small Wharram's will be represented. Let's see if we can get some larger Wharram's to come as well.

The overall plan (still to be finalised):

Friday 4th August:

Arrive by sea or car & trailer and gather at ‘Wharram HQ’, Devoran creek, Cornwall. A fun afternoon and evening of relaxed Hui-style ‘Bring and share’ food and wine, or borrow our BBQ to cook your own food. Listen to a briefing for the weekend from our team, meet James Wharram himself and partner Hanneke Boon, along with sharing your ‘Wharram adventure stories’ with like-minded Wharram friends shared around the camp fire. (Camp on your own boat, or if you are joining us without a boat – camp in your own tent on our lawn).

Tahiti Wayfarer and Amatasi

Saturday 5th August:

We leave on the early morning high tide, for a full day of sailing the ‘Carrick Roads’ and out to sea, before anchoring somewhere along one of our local creeks or beaches (depending on wind direction on the day). More fun and laughter to be had during the evening, ending with an overnight camp - either on your Wharram Cat, or on the foreshores in your tent.

Tahiti Wayfarer and Mana 24
Tahiti Wayfarer and Mana 24
Hitia 14

Sunday 6th August:

Leave from our overnight mooring - for more sailing and exploring local creeks and a predesignated break for lunch nearby. Perhaps we’ll pick up a Cornish ice-cream on route! Then either make your own way on to your next destination, or sail back to Wharram HQ, to continue your own way homeward.

We’re inviting some local journalists and hopefully a couple of national magazine journalists to help promote our new (kit form, self-build) – the ‘Mana 24’. Our team will be sailing four of our Cats: The new ‘Cat Kit’ - Mana 24, a Tahiti Wayfarer, an Amatasi and a Melanesia; so you’ll have the great opportunity of seeing all 4 designs on what water- showcasing what they’ve been designed to do best!

Coastal exploring by sea
Mana 24

We hope this will be a great way for all our UK based Wharram boat owners to come together for a fun weekend gathering of ‘kindred Wharram spirits’. Indeed, if any of you would like to arrive a few days earlier, we’d love to welcome you - come and help us lash the cats together prior to the micro weekend!

To register your interest in joining us for this weekend, please either email us at wharram@wharram.com (with ‘Cornish Hui’ as the subject line), or go to our Facebook event page and click either ‘going’ or ‘interested’.