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We're Going Digital!

By Nicki John

Our Wharram ethos has always been 'simple, sustainable and eco-friendly building and sailing'.

With global concerns to reduce carbon footprint, we will mirror our ethos through our on-line orders.

Over the next few months we will wind down our 'hard copy' stock of Study Plans and the 'Wharram Design Book'. Once hard copy stock has been sold out there will be a 'digital download' option only.

With the last box of Design Books now on sale, make sure you have one of these iconic books on your boat library shelves. Or get a full size printed Studyplan drawing of your dream boat and pin it on the wall for inspiration.

Wharram Study Plans

We have now also introduced a new 'pick and mix' option to buy 'clusters' of Study Plans of your chosen designs for a reduced price. This is for both digital as well as the remaining hard copy Study Plans. There is 10% discount on buying two, 20% discount on three and 30% discount on four or more, which is applied automatically at checkout.

The Building Plans will remain as hard copy only, so you will receive all drawings printed full size for easy study and building in your workshop. However with the major problem of global plastic pollution we will be changing over to fully recyclable, non-plastic, cardboard packaging over the next months.