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Wharram Hui Cornwall 2018 - Programme and Registration Form

By Hanneke Boon

To register your interest in joining us for this weekend, please fill out the Registration Form. Everyone welcome!

Friday 27th July:

Arrive by boat or car and gather at ‘Wharram HQ’, in Devoran, Cornwall.

The boats can moor alongside Devoran Quay, at the top end of Restronguet Creek. The quay can be reached about one hour before high water, which is at 18:00. Some bigger boats may have to moor further out in deeper water. We will be there to help people moor. People can assemble trailer/cartop boats on the beach at Devoran Quay.

Once the boats are moored we will have an evening of relaxed Hui-style ‘Bring and share’ food and drink at the Wharram headquarters on Greenbank Road, which is a short walk from the Quay. Our BBQs will be lit to cook your own food. Listen to a briefing for the weekend from our team, meet James Wharram himself and partner Hanneke Boon and share your ‘Wharram adventure stories’ with like-minded Wharram friends around the camp fire.

That night sleep on your own boat, or if you are joining us without a boat, you can camp in your own (small) tent on our grounds (set up your tent in the afternoon). We have a large carpark, so hope all that come by car can find space to park. If attendance is very high we may have to find alternative parking and/or camping.

Saturday 28th July:

We leave on the early morning high tide (HW at 06:30) for a full day of sailing in ‘Carrick Roads’ and out to sea. We can anchor somewhere for lunch (location depends on wind and weather on the day). That evening we plan to sail upriver to Roundwood Quay (just North of King Harry Ferry), where the boats can again raft up along the stone quay for the night. This quay is accessible by car.

Alternatively we will stay moored at Devoran Quay in the morning so people can visit the various boats and late comers by road can assemble their boats on the beach. We will then start sailing the small boats in the creek as soon as the tide comes in and all depart when the water is high enough for all the boats to float. After sailing in Carrick Roads for an hour or two we will head up to Roundwood Quay for the night.

More food and talk round a campfire during the evening (bring your own food!, we will not have a BBQ there, so bring your own means of cooking), ending with an overnight camp - either on your Wharram Cat, or on the quay in your own small tent.

Sunday 29th July:

Leave the quay soon after high water (HW at 07:00) and anchor/raft up in deeper water for breakfast - more sailing and exploring local creeks during the day with a pre-designated break for lunch. Then either make your own way on to your next destination, or sail back to Wharram HQ, to continue home by road.

We hope this will be a great way for all our UK/Europe based Wharram boat owners to come together for a weekend of ‘kindred Wharram spirits’. Indeed, if any of you would like to arrive earlier, we’d love to welcome you - come and help us lash the cats together and prepare for the party prior to a Micro Adventure weekend!

To register your interest in joining us for this weekend, please fill out the Registration Form. Everyone welcome!

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