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Visual accounts of what Wharram owners are doing with their boats. Includes professionally made films about long voyages and ocean passages, ongoing video blogs of liveaboard adventurers, home made footage of sailing, documentaries of building, and instructional videos.

Instructional/Informative Videos




Parade of Sail: Wharram Hui 2022

A Parade of Sail for James & Ruth Wharram at the Wharram Hui 2022. Falmouth, Saturday 23rd July.

Wharram Hui Cornwall 2018

A second Hui gathering in Cornwall, July 2018. Attended by 10 boats and 60 people at the BBQ party. Sadly the weather was not great, but a lot of fun was had.

Wharram Hui Cornwall 2017

Micro Adventure Sailing Hui in the Fal Estuary on 4-6th August 2017. Eleven Wharram catamarans gathered in Devoran and sailed on a short Adventure.

60th Anniversary of Wharram Tangaroa

A celebration of the 60th anniversary of James' maiden voyage on Tangaroa. Centre stage is the new Mana 24, the same length as the original Tangaroa.

Hanneke's Pecha Kucha Presentation

An illustrated 6 minute poem of Hanneke, from a young girl sailing with her father, ending up as a boatbuilder, ocean sailor and designer. Presented in Amsterdam.

Lapita Voyage, Arrival In Anuta

This video shows the final stage of the voyage on the double canoe 'Lapita Anuta' featuring her arrival at the 1Nm long island of Anuta to an exuberant welcome by the island's population.

Hui Wharram Rendezvous, Florida

Wharram Rendezvous in Islamorada, Florida Keys, May 2012. A meeting of Wharram catamarans attended by James Wharram and Hanneke Boon.

Amatasi at Brest and Douarnenez Festivals

The Wharram 27ft Amatasi prototype took part in Les Tonnerres de Brest and Temps Fetes Douarnenez in July 2012.

The Launching Of Amatasi

85 people gathered at Wharram HQ to celebrate the award winning eco fishing boat Amatasi entering the water, including old friends, press and television.

Golden Oldies Gathering

James and Hanneke visit the gathering of classic multihulls 'The Golden Oldies' in the South of France. Here they met American designer Dick Newick.


Hitia 14

Melanesia 16

Hitia 17

Tiki 21

Tahiti Wayfarer 21

Hinemoa 23

Mana 24

Tiki 26

Pahi 26

Pahi 31

Tiki 8m

Amatasi 27

Tiki 30

Tangaroa 36

Tama Moana 38

Tiki 38

Sailing the Mediterranean

This Trip was made on Pilgrim, a home built Tiki 38. From Marseilles, France, to Cyclades, Greece, and back. Includes stunning drone footage.

The Atlantic Crossing Of Pilgrim

After Building his boat for 5 years, Jacques and his crew take on the Atlantic ocean, and everything it throws at them. Essential viewing!

Chasing The Sunrise (Documentary)

This is a full documentary with crew commentary about Tiki 38 Pilgrim's first Atlantic crossing. Good times, hardships, and everything in between.

Storms, Speed Records, Freediving

Visual documentary of 'Pilgrim' sailing the Tyrrhenian Sea. Smashing through the waves at 19 knots, beautiful underwater and aerial footage. Inspirational viewing.

Luckyfish Boat Tour (Interior)

We check out all the space below decks - the parts you often don't get to see in our other videos. We are excited to show you aboard our amazing catamaran!

Luckyfish Boat Tour (Deck)

In Part 1 we checked out the cabins. In this video we take a walk through the features above deck and explain much of the gear you have seen in previous videos.

Living On A Catamaran

An interview with Brett, a liveaboard Tiki 38 sailor who spends his days sailing the Australian waters. Includes a tour below decks.

Building a Tiki 38

YouTube Playlist

Highly detailed video blogs about the construction of a Tiki 38 in Thailand, from the YouTube channel 'Building Wharram Sailboats'.

Pilgrim Sailing

YouTube Channel

Fantastic collection of well produced, inspiring footage from home made Tiki 38 catamaran 'Pilgrim' and her various ocean and coastal voyages.

Luckyfish Gets Away

YouTube Channel

We are sailing a beautiful catamaran that didn't cost the earth. We crossed the Atlantic. We are now cruising the Caribbean before crossing the Pacific.

Jumpa Lagi

Sailing in the Philippines. Wharram cats are fast! Seen here sailing at 7-8 knots in 10-15 knots of wind, with one reef in, and towing a dinghy.


Tiki 38 Marabu in action.

Panarai Sailing - Construction of Hulls

See the hulls come together in this time lapse video of the construction of a beautiful Tiki 38 built in Poland.


Pahi 42

Tiki 46

Oro 46

Pahi 52


Islander 55

Pahi 63

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