Winter Plans

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By Anne Clement

It is time to start thinking of winter sailing plans. We intend to leave Rhode Island in a couple of weeks and be in the Chesapeake area until November and in the Bahamas by mid December. We'll stay there a couple of months. All our moves will be weather dependant, so we will have no more exact planning than that. We have a few friends intending to join us now and again over the next few months, so that is pleasant to look forward to.

In late February we will head north again intending to explore the St John River in northern Florida very early in March.

My daughter will be expecting her first child late that month, and I want to be on hand (and probably in the way) in the traditional grandmother role. Depending on what arrangements we can make at the time, Nev might stay with the boat, join me for the birth of the grand child, or visit the UK and see his Mum in Wales. Perhaps he will find crew and bring the boat north... we just have not made any firm plans yet. But after the baby is nursing well, I can go back to the boat and help Nev bring the boat north so we can enjoy another summer here in Rhode Island. It has been good here and we now have a private mooring where we can be near family and friends.

The summer has been highly productive so far - new main sail boom and boom gallows home made of Douglas fir, store bought bimini, and lots of smaller changes to make things easier.

© Anne and Neville Clement, 2003