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TIKI / Coastal Trek Designs (25% off)

Hanneke Boon drawing boat plans in a studio

All Wharram building plans are drawn for the first time builder, so anyone with a modicum of practical ability can build one of our designs. They are all based on decades of actual building experience of the boats, so you know it will work.

The Coastal Trek Designs cater for those who do not want a craft for long distance "ocean going" sailing, but would like to be able to trail their boat to varied interesting coasts and lakes. Although a TIKI 21, a very popular Coastal Trek design, has circumnavigated, we would not recommend this for everyone! A number of Tiki 26s have also made ocean crossings, but again this is only for the experienced sailor.

The larger TIKI designs of 30ft and over are craft capable of longer voyages and ocean crossings. They are designed to be less costly to build by using appropriate wood/epoxy technology and by eliminating, wherever possible, expensive metal fittings common to modern yacht design.

The TIKI designs range from the Coastal Trekking TIKI 21, to the comfortable ocean cruiser, the TIKI 46.

James Wharram Tiki Designs Building Plans
James Wharram Tiki Designs Building Plans

The Tiki Building Plans, designed from the early 1980s till the present, represent a new phase in our presentation of building drawings. The first small Tikis were all built in stitch-and-glue ply and epoxy. This needed a different way of guiding the builder through the build process, as the boats are built shell first, instead of frame first.

All Tiki building plans consist of a number of large detailed drawings of all the plywood parts and overall construction details, drawn to scale. Some parts are given full size, to be copied on the plywood.

These scale drawings are accompanied by an A3 size sketchbook, which leads the builder step by step through the build with beautiful detailed sketches and numbered sequence of construction. They are all hand drawn by Hanneke, who has years of hands-on experience of building and designing Wharram catamarans. All our practical expertise, with a focus on keeping things simple, has gone into these drawings. These sketchbooks are ‘a course in boatbuilding’ and have made it possible for people with no boatbuilding experience to build a beautiful boat.