Tiki 8m

Wharram's Unique GRP Boat

The Tiki 8m, built by BoatSmith in the USA, is an updated, composite fiberglass version of the popular ply-epoxy Tiki 26. With its spacious cockpit and simple, functional interior layout, this versatile, trailable, seaworthy boat is perfect for day sailing, overnight adventures or several weeks of Coastal Trekking. It also makes a good beach charter boat. Can be car trailed. Check out BoatSmith who have the exclusive rights to build this design.

A blue catamaran on the water near the shore
Building Method GRP
LOA 8.00 m 26' 3"
WLL 6.80 m 22' 4"
Beam OA 4.33 m 14' 3"
Beam of hull 1.15 m 3' 9"
Draft 0.55 m 1' 10"
Headroom over bunk 0.90 m 3'
Headroom over floor 1.30 m4' 4"
Weight (empty) 750 kg 1650 lbs
Loading capacity 750 kg 1650 lbs
Sail area 27.3 m² 300 sqft
Rig Wharram Wingsail Sloop
Tiki 8m profile

Designers, architects, artists often have 'themes', which they return to again and again in their creative life time.

One theme of mine has been an under 30 foot coastal cruising design that can safely cross an ocean. In the last 30 years this theme was expressed in the design of the 27 foot Tane/ Tanenui and Tiki 26 (of which a total of 1100 plans have been sold of these three designs) many of which have crossed oceans.

What enables one to develop a successful theme is not only the input of practical sailing experience, but the development of new materials.

The new TIKI 8m is built in composite fiberglass. Hulls, decks and beams are constructed using biaxial fiberglass cloth with vinylester resin, sandwiching a foam core, which results in a stiff, strong, yet lightweight structure.

A blue catamaran on the water near the shore

Using state of the art moulding techniques for the Tiki 8m we were able to design on 'the theme' a new curved hull shape, with more internal room and more hydrodynamic efficiency than the previous 26-27 footers.

The Tiki 8M moulds are now in the workshop of BoatSmith, our USA professional builder, where David and his team have put the Tiki 8M into production.

Demounts for trailing behind a family car

Trailability expands sailing waters to all the exciting areas of the world. Assembly of boat has been simplified and speeded up with the use of quick tightening webbing straps. We do not suggest that assembly is a light hearted project, but the advantages of being able to trailer the boat and the money saved in storing the boat at home are of very high value.

With the use of individual hull trolleys the Tiki 8m can be launched on any sloping foreshore (a trailer ramp is not essential).

Tiki 8m launching into the water from trailer

Flexispace for flexible living

High solid deck cabins spoil good sailing and windward abilities, they also make trailer sailing difficult and cumbersome. Instead the Tiki 8m has a versatile flexible deck cabin, which goes from all weather sailing dodger, to at-anchor windbreak, to streamlined all-over decktent/cabin, giving double berth and wide living space that connects both hull cabins.

A bunk inside a boat

In each hull there is good sitting headroom, a comfortable single berth, a foot well with sliding seat and enough room for a second berth, galley or chart table. One hull contains a marine head and holding tank. The cabin sides are lined with slats of white ash, giving a natural feel.

A ladder leading to the inside of a hull

Deck space, sleeping space

The spacious cockpit seats 6-8 for day sailing and harbour parties. Tiki 8m makes a good day, family or sailing instruction boat. The sunbathing trampoline between the bows is big enough for 3 people to lie on. Tiki 8m can sleep 4-6 people. 2-4 singles in hulls, one double under deck tent.

Two men on a catamaran, cloudy skies
A man lying on the bow trampoline of a catamaran, peering out into the water

Speed with shallow draft

The flared hulls with 1.20m (4ft) beam at deck level give a spacious feel to the hulls, without compromising the slim waterlines, giving the Tiki 8m an excellent turn of speed: 8-10 knots for sustained periods with stretches of 15 knots plus. The V-eed hull shapes with special shaping along the fine keel give all the lateral resistance needed, so no complex dagger boards or projecting keels. This means shallow draft at all times and with the stern hung rudder protected behind a skeg, ability to sail straight up a smooth beach.

Tiki 8m sailing

How the moulds are built

Tiki 8m mould construction 1
Tiki 8m mould construction 2
Tiki 8m mould construction 3
Tiki 8m mould construction 4
Tiki 8m mould construction 5
  1. Hull plug being polished
  2. Hull mould being lifted off the plug
  3. Interior moulding - footwell and bunk
  4. Finished deck plug
  5. Building deck mould
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