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Coastal Trekkers To Long Term Live Aboards

From the car trailable Tiki 21 - winner of the 1982 Cruising World Design Competition, to the Tiki 46, a spacious ocean cruiser or charter boat, the TIKI range offers car trailable coastal trekkers to long term live aboards. Although a Tiki 21, a very popular coastal trek design, has circumnavigated, we would not recommend this for everyone! A number of Tiki 26s have also made ocean crossings, but again this is only for the experienced sailor. The larger TIKI designs of 30ft and over are craft capable of longer voyages and ocean crossings. They are designed to be less costly to build by using appropriate wood/epoxy technology and by eliminating, wherever possible, expensive metal fittings common to modern yacht design.

On the larger TIKIs the 'Deckpod' offers sheltered steering and the 'Stern Ramp' provides easy access to and from the water. The TIKIs are boats you can work and live on. The Wharram approach goes beyond simple boat design - the concept of 'Flexispace' puts emphasis on not just the physical living area, but also the 'mind space' of those on board.

About Tiki Building Plans

The TIKI Building Plans, designed from the early 1980s till the present, represent a new phase in our presentation of building drawings. The first small Tikis were all built in stitch-and-glue ply and epoxy. This needed a different way of guiding the builder through the build process, as the boats are built shell first, instead of frame first. All TIKI building Plans are very detailed, which some builders have described as a course in boat building. They supply a building sequence as a book of large 3D drawings of all the plywood parts and overall construction details, drawn to scale. Some parts are given full size, to be copied on the plywood.

Boat building blueprints

These scale drawings are accompanied by an A3 size sketchbook, which leads the builder step by step through the build with beautiful detailed sketches and numbered sequence of construction. They are all hand drawn by Hanneke, who has years of hands-on experience of building and designing Wharram catamarans. All our practical expertise, with a focus on keeping things simple, has gone into these drawings. These sketchbooks have made it possible for people with no boatbuilding experience to build a beautiful boat.

See information about building costs.

Tiki 21

Brand new Tiki 21, owners celebrating its completion
Building Method: Ply/Glass/Epoxy Stitch & Glue
Length Overall: 21' 6.40 m
Beam Overall: 12' 3.66 m
Waterline length: 18' 6" 5.64 m
Draft: 1' 2" 0.35 m
Weight: 790 lbs 360 kg
Loading capacity: 1000 lbs 460 kg
Sail area: 208 sqft 19.25 sqm
Building Time Estimate: 400 hrs

The Tiki 21 was designed in 1981 as an easy to build Coastal Trek catamaran, using new epoxy/glass stitch & glue techniques. In 1982 the new and then quite radical Tiki 21 was given first prize by Cruising World magazine (USA) in their design competition for a 'Trailable Gunkholer'. Since then nearly 1000 Tiki 21 Plans have been sold (2015).

In 1991-97 Rory McDougall sailed his self-built Tiki 21 'Cooking Fat' around the world, sometimes alone, sometimes with a companion. She was, and still is, the smallest catamaran to have circumnavigated. In 2010 Rory entered 'Cooking Fat' in the Jester Challenge (single handed 'race' across the Atlantic for small boats - under 30ft) and came into Newport, Rhode Island a close second after 34 days.

The Tiki 21 has stayed popular as a simple, easy to trail Coastal Trekker all over the world. Her unique soft Wharram Wingsail Rig has been used on all subsequent Tiki and other Wharram designs (30ft - 65ft) and is very popular with the owners of these boats.

Tiki 26

Yellow Tiki 26 sailing on crystal blue water
Building Method: Ply/Glass/Epoxy Stitch & Glue
Length Overall: 26' 7.92 m
Beam Overall: 15' 1" 4.60 m
Waterline length: 22' 6" 6.84 m
Draft: 1' 4" 0.40 m
Weight: 1550 lbs 700 kg
Loading capacity: 1700 lbs 770 kg
Sail area: 285 sqft 26.5 sqm
Headroom in hulls:
Over floor: 3' 11" 1.2 m
Over bunk: 2' 11" 0.9 m
Building Time Estimate: 700 hrs

The Tiki 26 was designed by popular demand soon after the Tiki 21, for people who wanted to do more serious Coastal cruising. Her ocean going abilities have since been proven in various ocean crossings.

The Tiki 26 can be trailed and is easily beached, to step off in ankle deep water. Sleeps two in the hulls, leaving room for small galley and chart table, but accommodation can be increased with a decktent, giving space for a double bunk.

Tiki 30

Tiki 30 sailing, two men on board, view from behind boat
Building Method: Ply/Glass/Epoxy Stitch & Glue
Length Overall: 30' 9.15 m
Beam Overall: 16' 4" 5.00 m
Waterline length: 25' 5" 7.75 m
Draft (incl. LAR keel): 2' 1" 0.65 m
Weight: 2200 lbs 1000 kg
Loading capacity: 2200 lbs 1000 kg
Sail area: 385 sqft 35.8 sqm
Headroom in hulls:
Over bunk: 2' 11" 0.9 m
Over floor: 4' 11" 1.5 m
Width of bunk: 2' 11" 0.9 m
Headroom in optional deckpod:
Over floor: 4' 3" - 3' 7" 1.3m - 1.15m
Over seat: 3' 3" - 2' 11" 1m - 0.9m
Building Time Estimate: 900 hrs

The ideal low budget self build ocean cruiser. With a sleeping capacity of 6 (two doubles in the hulls) and spacious level deck area, TIKI 30 makes an excellent low cost charter boat.

It is our largest self-build boat design that is capable of being towed behind a vehicle. This means keeping the build weight down, and simple but adequate accommodation. This is not a high cost, luxury boat, but an elegant, versatile, 'double canoe' sailing boat, providing basic comfort for 'Living on the Sea'.

An optional deck pod with double berth and/or navigation station is available. This pod replaces the standard open cockpit.

Tiki 31

White Tiki 31 JoJo on a pontoon
Building Method: Ply/Glass/Epoxy/Laminate
Length Overall: 31' 9.45 m
Beam Overall: 17' 6" 5.33 m
Waterline length: 27' 8.23 m
Draft: 1' 9" 0.53 m
Weight: 3000 lbs 1360 kg
Loading capacity: 2200 lbs 1000 kg
Sail area: 386 sqft 35.9 sqm
Building Time Estimate: 1100 hrs

A traveller/workboat with ramp access at stern. She has open hull cockpits with removable tough awning covers, ideal for fishing. For workboat use she has a Wingsail schooner rig, with two short masts. Can sleep 4-6.

Tiki 38

White and blue Tiki 38 sailing on choppy seas, six people aboard
Building Method: Ply/Glass/Epoxy/Laminate
Length Overall: 38' 11.60 m
Beam Overall: 22' 4" 6.20 m
Waterline length: 31' 6" 9.60 m
Draft (incl LAR keel): 2' 6" 0.75 m
Weight: 6600 lbs 3000 kg
Loading capacity: 4400 lbs 2000 kg
Sail area: 573 sqft 53.2 sqm
Bunk width (centre of hull): 3' 9" 1.14 m
Forward bunk width: 2' 9" - 1' 4" tapered 0.85 m - 0.4 m tapered
Platform Clearance: 2' 7" - 2' 11" 80cm - 90cm
Building Time Estimate: 2200 hrs

The TIKI 38 was designed using all the latest Wharram construction innovations. Her deckpod gives good shelter when ocean cruising and includes a bunk for the off-watch crew. Forward of the deckpod is 26 Sqr metres of safe, usable deck space. An excellent family cruising boat.

The TIKI 38 interior comprises two double cabins, two single cabins, galley, navigation station and toilet/shower, as well as good storage areas in bow and stern.

Tiki 46

Tiki 46 sailing on a coast of rolling hills, with all sails up.
Building Method: Ply/Glass/Epoxy/Laminate
Length Overall: 46' 14.00 m
Beam Overall: 24' 7.30 m
Waterline length: 38' 1" 11.60 m
Draft (incl LAR keel): 3' 7" 1.10 m
Weight: 5 tons
Loading capacity: 4 tons
Sail area: 1000 sqft 91 sqm
Main bunk width: 4' 8" - 3' 9" tapered 1.42 m - 1.15 m tapered
Aft bunk width: 3' 11" - 2' tapered 1.2 m - 0.6 m tapered
Platform Clearance: 2' 11" - 3' 5" 90cm - 105cm
Building Time Estimate: 4000 hrs

The Tiki 46 is a boat designed for Blue Water sailing, with live aboard space for a crew of up to 10. She also makes an excellent charter vessel with 4 private double cabins and an extra double in the deckpod. Plenty of safe deck space and slim hulls for easy, fast sailing, not requiring huge sail area to get speed.

Anne and Neville Clement write logs about their voyages on self-built Tiki 46 'Peace IV'.

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