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The Hitia Designs are the perfect beach catamarans. They are 'coastal trekkers' and cater for those who do not want a craft for long distance or "blue water" sailing, but would like to be able to trail their boat to varied interesting coasts and lakes. Their easy economical construction, stability and speed makes for affordable weekend adventure boats. The Hitia 14 can be carried on the roof of your car and fits on the deck of a larger boat. The Hitia 17 has more stowage space and room for a tent on deck for longer excursions. These boats are ideal for small adventures and coastal treks.

About Hitia Building Plans

The Hitia Building Plans follow the same format as the Tiki Plans. They consist of a number of large detailed drawings of all the plywood parts and overall construction details, drawn to scale. Some parts are given full size, to be copied on the plywood.

Boat building blueprints

These scale drawings are accompanied by an A3 size sketchbook, which leads the builder step by step through the build with beautiful detailed sketches and numbered sequence of construction. They are all hand drawn by Hanneke, who has years of hands-on experience of building and designing Wharram catamarans. All our practical expertise, with a focus on keeping things simple, has gone into these drawings. These sketchbooks have made it possible for people with no boatbuilding experience to build a beautiful boat.

See information about building costs.

Hitia 14

Green Hitia 14 sailing with two men aboard, against a backdrop of mountains and cloudy skies
Building Method: Ply/Glass/Epoxy Stitch & Glue
Length Overall: 14' 4.26 m
Beam Overall: 8' 3" 2.50 m
Draft: 1' 0.25 m
Weight: 190 lbs 86 kg
Loading capacity: 2 Adults
Sail area: 110 sqft 10.22 sqm
Building Time Estimate: 175 hrs

Can be carried on your car roof and easily fits the decks of a larger design to be used as a sailing day boat. Designed for 2-4 people to cruise estuaries, on lakes and, when the weather is settled, to go coastal trekking. The Hitia 14 will sail straight off the beach. Its easy economical construction, stability and speed makes for an affordable weekend adventure boat.

Hitia 17

Red and white Hitia 17 on the beach
Building Method: Ply/Glass/Epoxy Stitch & Glue
Length Overall: 17' 5.18 m
Beam Overall: 10' 1" 3.07 m
Draft: 11' 0.30 m
Weight: 295 lbs 134 kg
Loading capacity: 550 lbs 250 kg
Sail area: 160 sqft 14.9 sqm
Building Time Estimate: 250 hrs

Hitia 17 is the perfect beach catamaran, but also capable for use as a micro Coastal Trekker. Her wingsail sprit rig with low centre of effort gives good drive and great stability. The sail can be reefed and hence the boat can always be sailed safely without the risk of capsize, which most other beach cats are prone to. She has skegs and rudders that do not project below the V-eed hull, hence she can be sailed straight off the beach without lifting rudders or daggerboards.

She has stowage space within the hulls and the two self draining 'cockpits' are big enough to sit in, or stow camping gear for a longer Trek. The boat can carry four adults. The deck is designed to take a standard two-man dome or pop-up tent, or you can make your own decktent to drawing supplied. Can be carried on the car roof of a bigger car or is easily trailed. A lovely minimalist coastal explorer.

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