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Introducing the CNC-cut self-build 'Cat Kit', a trailable family camping boat. Keep it at home, trail it and sail it anywhere. MANA is the Polynesian word for ‘spirit’ given to an object by its maker or the person that uses it.

Assorted Mana photos

Due to the present period of financial austerity and increasingly high marina costs, a large number of would-be sailors are having a hard time financing the dream of sailing their own boat.

However, there is an economical way to enjoy sailing, by building your own small lightweight boat, keeping it at home and trailing it to the waters you want to sail in, chasing the good weather. This gives the opportunity to explore many more sailing areas than if based on a permanent mooring and at a much lower cost.

In designing the MANA, we explored this idea and looked sideways into the world of camping and have combined the innovative CNC cut “flat pack” boat-building concept with the philosophy of outdoor living to create the unique MANA camper-sailer, specifically designed for trailer sailing.

All these ideas have come together, resulting in the new MANA 24 design, a catamaran specifically designed for trailer sailing. The MANA kit is sold with all the plywood cut out by CNC cutter and pre-coated with epoxy, so building the boat at home will be a bit like assembling a flat-pack. All the parts slot together perfectly so a hull can take shape in a day.

The Mana 24 is only available as a CNC cut plywood kit. Building from such a kit takes away the worry of measuring and cutting all the boat parts, which can be quite daunting to many first time builders and saves a lot of time in the early stages of building. The ply parts will have a first smooth coat of epoxy already applied, cutting down time in coating and sanding, so within a short time you will be able to assemble the hulls and see the boat you are building. As she is built from a pre-cut kit, we have been able to give the Mana more complex and beautiful shaping, giving her more interior volume than the Tiki designs. During construction all the kit parts slot together and are locked with wooden wedges, so no room for error. Even all the stitch holes (for fastening joints with cable ties) are drilled and lines scribed where to glue on bearers and stringers.

MANA’s 23’6” hull length has a special significance for James Wharram. In 1956 he made the first successful catamaran voyage across the Atlantic in his first catamaran, the ‘Tangaroa’, also 23’6” long.

In trailer/sailer design every increase in length equals harder launching and recovery work. At 23’6”- 7.15m hull length MANA 24 sits between our TIKI 21 and TIKI 26 designs (both very popular trailer sailers), with easier launching and handling like the smaller TIKI 21, but an interior space close to that of the Tiki 26. Her new chined hullshape gives more width for the bunks, which are placed aft where the hulls are widest, and where there is least motion.

For speedy assembly the hulls and beams of the MANA are connected with quick-fit webbing straps with over-centre buckles, which are very strong and much easier to fit than bolts.

With the main mast of the MANA placed well forward the platform gives ample flat space for a low cost dome tent or a custom-made pramhood tent, which can double as spray hood when sailing. Adapting camping habits to a sailing lifestyle gives wider sailing opportunities at minimum cost and lots more family fun!

MANA uses the well proven Wharram Wingsail rig in a new Catrig configuration. The Wingsail rig is a modern version of a high aspect Dutch style gaff rig, sleeved round the mast for maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

In this new Catrig configuration the mainsail gives the drive with a very clean leading edge. The small mizzen aids with balance, steering and tacking. Having no jib, there is no need for a very tight forestay. The standing rigging uses the latest dyneema rope, which is light and easily set up. The mizzenmast can be used as sheer pole for single-handed assembly.

Mana 24 Design Data

Building Method: Ply/Glass/Epoxy/Laminate
Length Overall: 23' 6" 7.16 m
Beam Overall: 12' 8" 3.85 m
Waterline length: 20' 10" 6.35 m
Beam of each hull: 3' 2" 0.97 m
Max draft: 18.5" 0.47m
Headroom over seat/bunk: 3' 0.90 m
Sleeping capacity: 2 single bunks in hulls, double birth under decktent
Dry weight (approx): 1190 lbs 540 kg
Maximum displacement (Approx): 2510 lbs 1140 kg
Sail area: 216 sqft 19.6 sqm
Deck sleeping area: 7’3” x 8’ 2.20m x 2.45m
Full deck area: 7’3” x 11’6” 2.20m x 3.50m

What You Get In A Mana Kit

CNC cut, epoxy coated plywood parts, cut hardwood parts, fastenings, ropes, blocks and fittings are all included in the kit. See the price list.

Transporting The Mana Kit

The entire kit can fit and be transported in the back of a van with ease. The van in the photos is a VW Transporter.

Boat In A Box

Your Mana 24 kit will arrive in a box like this!

The Mana 24 kit is now available and we are taking orders. We will be handling each order individually due to different options and shipping costs, so if you would like to discuss ordering a Mana kit, please contact us, we will then be able to work out shipping details to your building site and supply you with a pro forma invoice.

Mana sailing


Full kit price, including all fittings, masts and sails is £12,750. This price is excluding VAT (if applicable) and excluding any shipping costs.

More details and a full price list have now been added to the Mana data sheet. If your budget is tight, it is possible to buy the kit in two stages, buying masts, sails, rigging, ropes and fittings later.

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