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Wharram Study Plans are intended to help you decide if a particular boat design is for you. They provide more detail than is available in the Design Book. The most important part of the Study Plan is the Materials List, which will list the major boat building materials requirements so you can cost your project in your own area. We feel sure that after studying these plans you will appreciate the quality and detail of the Building Plans.

Study Plans are only available as digital downloads. Downloads are instant access and eliminate delivery costs, which is particularly beneficial for international customers. They can also be printed if you wish.

The Mana 24 design does not have a study plan, comprehensive design information is available on our site.

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Red and black catamaran with sails up
Price: £16.50
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The TEHINI is breathtakingly beautiful. She has a timeless look about her and dominates any harbour with her rakish, piratical looking lines. James built this boat as his own and spent 10 years living on her with five others.

These Plans include design modifications for Tehini Mk II. These comprise improved accommodation space with raised decks, increased overall beam, added centreboards (optional), increased sail area and various other additional details.


  • 1 x A1 Plan Sheet
  • 1 x A2 Plan Sheet
  • 1 x A3 Design Modifications Sheet
  • 1 x A3 colour Photo Sheet
  • Materials List
  • 17 x Pages of magazine article extracts
  • FAQ list
Building Method: Ply/Timber/Epoxy/Laminate
Length Overall: 51' 15.55 m
Beam overall: 24' 6" 7.56 m
Waterline length: 40' 12.19 m
Draft: 2' 8" 0.81 m
Weight: 4 tons
Loading capacity: 3-4 tons
Working sail area: 820 sqft 76.2 sqm
Max. sail area: 1346 sqft 125 sqm
Width of bunks: 2' 11" - 2' 6" tapered 0.9 m - 0.75 m tapered
Building Time Estimate: 3500 hours
Two vintage movies filmed by Ruth Wharram in the early days of Wharram Catamaran designs. What these two films show is a glimpse back into an era of freedom and adventure, hardship and joy, a delightful, but important piece of multihull history. Compared to the present day yachting scene, the building conditions and even some of the boats look perhaps a little primitive, but they set the scene for the next 30 years of multihull and Wharram Catamaran development.
Papers articles spread on a wooden floor