Summer in Rhode Island

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By Anne Clement

Since arriving in Rhode Island this spring, we have built a new, double sheeted foremain boom and lightened both gaffs, repaired both sails, had both engines off the boat for dealership servicing, improved water and electric systems, and fixed the windlass. The sails now handle much easier and set just fine and the engines purr reassuringly. We are developing a sail cover similar to the "stack pack" design working with lazy jacks strung from the tops of the shrouds. It looks like it is going to work for eazy breezy furling.

Nev contacted the Air X Marine wind generator people and they sent him all the spare parts we needed for complete overhaul free of charge even though ours was way out of warranty. It works fine again now. We lightened the boat by taking lots of stuff to Rhode Island family for storage, and then we tidied up generally.

Most of the summer has been spent with family and friends and Peace IV has mostly been on her summer mooring. John Kellam had a serious health scare due to an inoperable bleeding aortic aneurism so we took several weeks helping him. But he is now back home safe and contented and the bleed has stopped, and he is regaining strength. Nev and I cleared three rooms in his house for our own use so we can come and stay there in comfort whenever needed. We also simplified much of his daily living activities and set up a number of safety proceedures so he could remain at home living independently in safety.

We have spent time with kids and grand children. Son Clayton was married on a lovely June day and he continues to work on his Tiki 30. Son Dat presented us with the latest addition to the grand child roster named Eileen in memorey of Nev's mother. Daughter Jessica returns to school for career training, and son Tuoc and family continue to thrive.

Nev is applying for his American "green card" permanent residency status so we have been busy with immigration authorities. I have applied for my US government pension so that was a mound of paperwork which will result in a small amount of added financial security for us. And we both have had complete physicals at my daughter's clinic so we are relieved that, after several years with no medical care, all is well.

The August PCA meet had three Wharrams at our end of Greenwich Cove here in Rhode Island, and we have located several more free moorings nearby which we can use for next year's meet. The autumn meet will be in the Baltimore anchorage over the weekend of Oct 22 hosted by Andy Solywoda on his Narai and Ron Hall on his Tiki 38. Several other boats, in addition to ours, are expected. The Florida meet will again be at anchor the weekend of Dec 5 alongside the ICW at Peck Lake near the St Lucie inlet. Gene Perry will host it again and several Wharrams are expected. This meet was well attended last year and beautifully planned in spite of severe hurricane damage in the area. We plan to have a Christmas Day Wharram gathering for the first time at Green Turtle Cay's White Sound anchorage in the Abacos, Bahamas. At least two Wharrams will be there including Tom Dunkle's Pahi 42 on her Maiden Voyage from Florida. Bring your own boat and enjoy this beautiful well protected anchorage with a cruiser's potluck Christmas feast on the beach. About 100 people attended this feast last year from cruising boats that were from all over the world.

Out of a safety concern, we have decided that from now on, we will no longer serve or welcome alcoholic beverages aboard Peace IV during PCA meets or any other large gatherings aboard our boat. Coffee, tea, Coke, Sprite, and good old cold water will be freely available on Peace IV. We hope folks will understand that our concern is entirely safety based and it is a return to old practice on former boats. We have always had a good time with or without the booze.

In a recent heat wave, our grand daughter came to visit with her inflatable splash pool. This was set up on the foredeck and three gallons of water kept us all cool and contented. The baby has a harness which we tied to a safety line running centrally fore and aft in the foreward cockpit. A rolling hitch allowed easy adjustment and reasonable freedom with safety using the entire foredeck as a play area. It all worked just fine and child care was relaxed and enjoyable for all of us.

We will be away for September and head south again early in October.

Love, Ann and Nev

Peace Four

© Anne and Neville Clement, 2005