A Special Hui Gathering For James

Home News A Special Hui Gathering For James
By Hanneke Boon

By now most of you will have heard the news that James Wharram died on 14th December 2021. On the 30th December we held James' funeral at Penmount crematorium near Truro. Forty five family members and close friends were able to attend, but all followers and friends of James were given the opportunity to join the ceremony online via a webcast.

We have had hundreds of condolences, heartfelt thoughts and memories sent to us or posted online. These messages have been a great support to myself, our son Jamie and his partner Liz. Many obituaries have been published online and are being published in yachting magazines, in French, German, Dutch, Italian, English and no doubt other languages as well. The Wharram following is truly worldwide. The British Times, Telegraph and Guardian newspapers published obituaries.

A Special Hui Gathering

Over the weekend of July 22nd - 25th we will hold a special Hui in celebration of James' life. The plan is to have a fleet of Wharram catamarans and other boats join us to scatter the ashes of James and Ruth on the outgoing tide from Falmouth, from where they started their first pioneering double canoe voyage in 1955. This was their wish and gives us a chance to say a final farewell. We hope many of you will be able to join us then, with or without your boat. There will also be a big celebration and BBQ at our headquarters in Devoran.

This weekend has neap tides as this will give us high water in Falmouth around mid-day. The plan is to moor our 23'6" Mana at Customs House Quay the day before the event, the same place where James, Ruth and Jutta were moored on Tangaroa in 1955. We will depart Falmouth in a Parade of Sail at high water to scatter the ashes on the outgoing tide. We will decide on the day for this based on the weather forecast as we need a nice day, but would like to do this on Saturday 23rd. In the evening of the same day we will have a celebration and a bring and share BBQ at JWD headquarters. Participants will be able to camp on site in small tents as at previous HUIs.

Jutta, James and Ruth
Jutta, James and Ruth moored on Tangaroa, Customs House Quay, Falmouth harbour, 1955

As we have neap tides the Wharram boats will not be able to gather at Devoran Quay, as there will not be sufficient water. Therefore we have arranged permission to moor at Point Quay in Restronguet creek. This Quay is a little further down river than Devoran Quay and therefore has more water at neap tides, but it dries at low water, so not suitable for keel boats. It is a half hour walk to JWD headquarters from this Quay or about 10 minutes by bicycle.

On 15-17th July is the traditional boat festival in Douarnenez in Brittany (Tempes Fetes). Boats that attend this festival will have time to sail to Cornwall for the Hui. We would welcome a French delegation of Wharram cats.

Looking Onwards

The coming year will be different for me without James by my side (we have worked as a team for nearly 50 years, in creating designs, building boats, voyaging, travel and writing projects), it will however also give me more opportunities to travel as the Wharram ambassador and make sailing voyages on Spirit of Gaia and other Wharram catamarans. The first of these voyages is starting next week!

Our dear friends Petra and Berti on Pahi 65 ‘Largyalo' have asked me to join them on their trans Atlantic voyage and I have accepted this invitation. We will sail away from the Canary islands on 17th January bound for Cap Verdes and Guadeloupe. I am hoping to meet other Wharram catamarans on the way and in the West Indies. I will try to keep you all informed of our progress on Facebook and our website.

White and red catamaran, sailing against a backdrop of a rocky island
Pahi 65 Largyalo

Wharram Designs Will Continue Business As Usual

I would like to reassure you all that even without James as the figurehead our design business will continue. I, Hanneke, will continue to answer your building questions and will carry on with future design ideas. With Nicki running the dispatch office, Georgia doing the accounts and Perky keeping our website up to date, nothing will change for our customers.