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Recommended method of window installation

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Anonymous (not verified)
Recommended method of window installation
The refit of our Pahi 26 proceeds, and at this time we need to replace the original windows made of plastics. What material and thickness would you recommend ( Lexan, Makrolon, ...)? What method would you recommend to install the window? Any help is greatly appreciated.
Anonymous (not verified)
Re: Recommended method of window installation
We have just done this and used Lexan as it is apparently less brittle and prone to cracking than the alternatives (though somewhat more expensive). With all of them you must use either a masonry bit or a blunt drill bit to make the holes for the bolts. Other key points: - we have used penny washers on the inside as if you dont you are likely to crush the ply. - be careful not to overtighten the bolts. - Do use a sealant recommended by the supplier [cant remember what it is called or why using other sealants is bad but we were convinced that it was] - if you are using one length of lexan to cover 2 window openings make sure you put plenty of sealant on the intervening hull side, especially if it is painted black otherwise it looks a bit odd as the area with the sealant shows up differently to that without (at least it did with us as we were using clear sealant). - After fitting wash off surplus sealant promptly using soapy hot water. The alternative is to use portlights. We fitted 2 small opening ones from lewmar in our pod without any difficulty, but you can buy a lot of lexan for the price of a portlight, even a non opening one. The final alternative is to go a secound hand yacht place and see what is going cheaply.
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