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Wharrams doing conservation work

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Joined: 02/10/2010 - 10:08
Wharrams doing conservation work

Hi, I run www.oceanswatch.org We do marine conservation and sustainable developement work with communities mainly in the SW Pacific. We have a mono and a Tiki 38 on loan to us to run our expeditions. In 2013 we are seeking another yacht to expand our work and would ideally like a Tiki 38 or larger Wharram. Loaning a boat to us might suit someone wanting to sell a Wharram who would like to wait awhile until the market picks up and does not want the expense of mooring fees etc, or just someone looking to make a contribution to a good cause and get involved too. Maybe you are an NZ or Australian owner who does not need to use your boat in the Southern winter and would be happy to have her used instead of sitting at a mooring for 6 months. Lending us your boat could add value to her too as we will maintain and improve her, as we need our expedition yachts to be very safe and reliable. If anyone is interested i can put you in contact with the owner of the Tiki 38 we have used for the last 2 years to get a viewpoint from an owner.

Here is a blog about the work that Tiki 38 Cat Knapp has been undertaking in Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands http://blogs.oceanswatch.org/solomons-png/

Thanks, Chris Bone