The Life of a Voyager

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By Anne Clement

The cruising life has many easily recognized advantages like adventure, romance, beauty, etc. But one is not "at home" in the sense that life begins to be measured in latitude and longitude, and no address stays the same for very long. One misses birthdays, Christmas, etc. But that is why the precious moments within family are so important to us.

Last week I was with my daughter as she labored and delivered her first-born child and I watched the beaming father bring that child to be nursed within minutes of the birth. I will relive that moment for the rest of my life.

Alivia Annmarie Urey-Ramos was born on March 25 after four tremendous pushes in the wee hours of the morning. Fate dictated that the nurse is a sailor, the baby doctor is a sailor, and the birth stone is Aquamarine so I took the hint and went out and bought an infant-sized life preserver.

We designed and built cradle dinghys in the past for other babies in the circle of family and friends and each one seems better than the last one. Luckily we made this one larger than the others, because Alivia weighed in at 8 pounds 4 ounces and measured 20 inches. Both parents are wonderfully tall!

She has been a vigorous baby from the instant of birth and is proving easy to care for and a pleasure to cuddle.

All my children are well and happy in relationships that meet their various needs so family gatherings are full of happy folk. It is lucky we built such a big boat with three guest cabins and lots of room for all.

There is a whole generation of kids who will want to learn about navigation, stars, sail trim, swimming, and all the rest. It is fun to think of that kind of future.

Nev is visiting his mother and friends in Wales and we will both be back on board Peace IV in mid April and will sail north in hopes of reaching Narraganset Bay by late May or sooner, weather permitting.

Love, Ann and Nev

© Anne and Neville Clement, 2004