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A selection of extras for your Wharram catamaran. Most popular is our windvane self-steering system - detailed drawings of how to build an effective low cost windvane for your boat, mainly out of wood. Gives different set-ups for Classic, Pahi and Tiki designs. Based on the system that sailed Pahi 63 'Spirit of Gaia' round the world. Other extras include wingsail rigs, deck tents, trailers, and deckpods. Also available are improvement packages for older Wharrams that do not have design features which now come as standard.

Two small catamarans just off the shore next to a beach
A boat with a blue tent on deck
Double canoe hulls on a trailer
Red and white catamaran sailing
A boat on a pontoon
Catamaran with green tent, people aboard
Wooden beams under construction
Red and white catamaran sailing
Lashings holding a beam in place on a boat
Crossbeams under construction
Drawing of a double canoe catamaran layout