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The dream of building and sailing your own boat

Over 72 pages showing details of all currently available self-build boat designs and the Wharram boat building philosophy.

This is THE starting place for satisfying your dream of building and owning your self-build catamaran. It contains all the basic information about all currently available self-build Wharram designs, with much basic building and historical development detail. There are photos and basic layout diagrams of the designs.

We would always suggest you buy the Design Book first, as it gives the opportunity to "browse" all designs to see what may really suit your needs before investing in either Study Plans, which contain more detail of each specific design, or the full set of Building Plans.

Introduction to multihulls
An open book
The Wharram Design Book
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The Wharram Design Book was first created and published in 1986 by James Wharram and Hanneke Boon in the era before desktop publishing in full colour. At this time the latest Wharram designs were the Hitia 14, Tiki 21, 26 & 31 and the Pahi 26, which were all designed in the early 1980s. The Pahi 63 was on the drawing board.

Over the years as more designs by James and Hanneke came off the drawing board, they were added to the pages of the Design Book.

The opening section of the book, introducing the intrinsic ideas behind the Wharram designs has remained unchanged and now in 2022 may appear dated in its black and white format. Certainly pages 6 and 7, with information about the design team, are no longer up to date. However what James Wharram wrote about the history, principles and particularly the philosophy behind the designs has remained very relevant.

With time the Design Book has become a historical document of the development of Wharram designs and for this reason we have decided to preserve its original Black & White format and content.

We hope you enjoy reading James' views of the alternative world of Wharram double-canoes (a term we should use now the word 'catamaran' is associated with the bulky luxury charter cats that are becoming endemic).

Use this book to learn more about each individual Wharram design, so you can choose which one may fulfil your dream.

Our Study plans give still more information about each design and include detailed materials lists to help you work out costing and planning of your dream boat. Study plans are available in our web shop as downloads.